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BHOTWG Needs A 2nd or 3rd Show

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I'm not going to go into a long explanation as to why the brand split and schedule change for BHOTWG is disatisfying but I think most (if not all) of you who've played with a non-BHOTWG company in Japan can probably see why their situation is frustrating. BHOTWG's new brand split means they're running a doubly-sized roster of at least 80 people or more. Coinciding with the schedule change, that means they've got a roster of 80+ people fighting for a spot on 60 shows across the year so most of that roster sees about 5 matches in the year and become mostly wasted talent during that period.


I don't mind raids. In fact I love them. It gives me the chance to build new stars but also see the stars I've built make their rise in bigger companies, but when a guy who wrestles 5X more often in my company struggling to make ends meet can barely find room to wrestle in a National-sized company that should be able to afford many more events it just seems silly.


I think there's an easy solution to this (or at least I'd hope so) and that just comes down to having BHOTWG mirror WWE in the amount of events they host a week to compensate for the equally large roster. A second show would double the amount they're running, a third show would put them on an even keel with the likes of NJPW in that they're running near 180 shows per year (though NJPW runs a bit more than that = and WWE way more at 200+, not even counting special events or NXT at this point LOL). Inevitably, I'm hoping this would force BHOTWG to have their talent wrestle far more often than 5 matches a year if you're not a main eventer.


Haven't tested it myself yet but honestly, if we're going to keep the scheduling/brand split as it is than BHOTWG NEEDS to up their show count to give their wrestlers more matches throughout the year. And the AI seems a bit too indifferent to do that.

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