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Let's Play Lucha Underground - YouTube Series

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Hello and welcome to my new save for TEW16. It's taken me a bit to decide on a promotion.


I've tried a couple of saves, one with WWE and one with TNA. Yet with an already high volume of WWE and TNA series already available on YouTube, I felt the need for something a bit different.


I then had a go with a custom promotion (LuchaSaurus X), but it still didn't feel right.


In the end I decided to start with a promotion who despite facing financial uncertainty, were earning rave reviews....Lucha Underground!


I currently post each episode of Lucha Underground to my YouTube channel.


After this intro I will post the latest episodes as new posts on this thread to make things easy. So leave a like and subscribe to the channel! Thanks and enjoy the show!


Episode 3: https://youtu.be/xyTprVIgzBw

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