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World Domination Mod Pitch

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This is my first database I'm thinking of making and if there is a good reception for this Database I may make it to a full blown database.


In 2014 with the launch of the revolutionary WWE Network by WWE, the history of wrestling industry changed forever. The largest boom in wrestling history took place leading the WWE Network to become the most subscribed subscribtion based provider in the world. Boosting WWE's popularity and power over the industry. With the rise in demand in for WWE content mutiple wrestling companies died, went bankrupt, or was purchased by the superpower. A vast majority of the indie region of wrestling has fallen and a few companies remain.




Missing Companies

  • ROH (Died)
  • TNA (Bought by WWE)
  • CMLL (Merged with AAA)
  • PWG (Bought by WWE)
  • AJPW (Bought by NJPW)
  • CZW (Died)
  • ICW (Died)


Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion

AAA stayed strong in Mexico and relatively large wasn't effected by the boom. As lucha stayed a trend Mexico. All though all lot of the top CMLL stars jumped ship to AAA. The rivalry between the two companies was like the Monday Night Wars. CMLL eventually went into debt and merged with AAA.


New Japan Pro Wrestling

New Japan Pro Wrestling was slowly being effected by the boom of sports entertainment main stream. After a large drop in stock in 2015, NJPW management decided to change their style and to a sports entertainment. In protest Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada left to form a new company called Project Puroresu Revival. A large amount of the NJPW roster left with Tanahashi and Okada to join PPR. With a hole in the roster NJPW decided to sign a working agreement with WWE. Creating the World Domination Alliance.


Project Puroresu Revival

Created by Tanahashi and Okada PPR was a promotion made to rebel against the rise in sports entertainment and a direct shot at NJPW. This lead the trend in new wrestling companies being formed to make alternative content. On the day of its first wrestling pay per view in January 2015 they announced that they are declaring war on WWE and NJPW. Creating an alliance with other surviving and new companies called the International Alliance of Alternative Wrestling so it would be able to compete with the size and power of WWE and NJPW. In December 2015 it announced that it will have the very first WrestleMania/Wrestle Kingdom alternative called Wrestle World taking place on the same date of NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom.


World Wrestling Entertainment

After the launch of the WWE Network, it lead a boost in interest of sports entertainment and WWE. The largest boom period in Wrestling since the Attitude Era. WWE started buying a lot of companies to obtain there tape libraries and workers. Companies such as PWG and TNA has been bought by WWE. Since a large amount of wrestlers were signed verbally or to open contracts they had to release some of their roster to sign the big names. With Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle returning to the company. Other workers were sent down to NXT to develop or stay their until creative was ready for them. December 2015 WWE announced that the company went global and really fit under the name WORLD Wrestling Entertainment.



These are just some of the plans I have for this database, depending on the reception. Will lead to my decision into making this mod.

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