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TEW and WWE 2k16!

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I'm not sure if there is another thread dedicated to this (I haven't seen it!), but I did see a few people had created some people in WWE 2k16 (particularly for Xbox One).


Tonight, I created several people, five of whom got uploaded (it won't let me upload anymore).


If you play WWE 2k16 and are looking for some TEW guys, I uploaded:


Shooter Sean Deeley

Rip Chord

Sam Keith

Rich Money

Angry Gilmore


In the wings I have:

Greg Keith (Gauge)

Matt Keith

Marat Khoklov

Bulldozer Brandon Smith


I will, I imagine, be creating more at some point. While they're not perfect and they are my interpretation of each of the guys, I hope some of you find enjoyment.


They can be found with the following hashtags: #TEW #Cornellverse.


Feel free to leave feedback.

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I thought I was the only one who has done this. I have a TCW and SWF arena built and I'm currently working on a USPW arena. I'll most definitely download these caws to go with the Chris Morrisette(Lobster Warrior) and company I made for myself :D


(My version of Lobster warrior getting serious is in my profile pic)

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