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I tried searching for this but it says it's to short of a search word. This is my first TEW I've played since the very first year of TEW(I don't remember what year that was lol). I just recently got back into watching wrestling after WWE was in the town I just moved to and decided to take my kids to watch it. Anyways, enough of my back story, here is what I am looking to do.


Since I just started watching again I find the WWE Roster to be very challenging as it has a large roster. Since I have't watched in years, I am going to attempt to bring back WCW in the current day and age and compete with WWE. I plan to have the Monday Nitro show as well as another show on Thursday to compete with WWE.


A lot of the wrestlers I will be going after are currently unsigned as I want to go after some older wrestlers(Think Kevin Nash) eerily similar to what WCW did in the 90's(Macho Man). However, I will be trying to pick apart WWE by grabbing their wrestlers when their contracts come to an end so was hoping to have a few of the wrestlers contracts expire over the next 1-2 years so that I can potentially snatch them, similar to what WCW did. I want to be fair to the WWE though and not just go into the editor and put them with me in WCW or cancel their contract.


At one point I considered just doing a brand split with WWE and taking over one of the shows with half the roster, however I want to be challenged and WWE doesn't challenge me starting with so much money and such popularity which is why I came up with this idea to revive the WCW brand and try to take out WWE.


With all of that being said(Thank you for those still reading), what do you think is the best way to go about this? Is there a Mod that is out there that allows me to do this the easiest way?

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