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What Culture Pro Wrestling had their first show the day before last. For those who don't know What Culture Wrestling has been a YouTube channel dedicated to mostly talking crap about the WWE. Pointing out it's mistakes. Rebooking past angles to make them better, etc.


Well they decided to start up their OWN wrestling company, and it's innovative name is... What Culture Pro Wrestling. It's based in the UK as most if not all their content providers are British. And they had wrestlers also from the UK participate in matches.


The show itself was overall impressive considering what expectations you would have for something like this. The ring, although small, looks professional. The wrestlers themselves were entertaining and skilled.


The problem lies in the fact that What Culture content providers are the announce team, backstage interviewers, GM, and managers. It works for people who are already fans of WC, and I'm a big fan of WC so I enjoyed it for what it was. I don't, however, see anyone outside of the fan base seeing this show and thinking it's a quality product.


It sounds like I'm bashing this show, but I actually really liked it. And I'd love to know if anyone else saw and has any comments. Here is the playlist for the first show, they broke it up into 6 parts to extend their Ad rev.



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