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New Company: Pro Wrestling Unreal Australia

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"Pro Wrestling Unreal Australia was founded by Ayden Reid in January, 2016. Through connections he signed Brent Hill, Human Arsenal, and many indy wrestlers to pay-per appearance contracts.


PWUA was set to rival APW & RAW in the War of the Australian Companies."


Hey Guys!


I'm pretty new to the community but I am making a mod of sorts for TEW 2016. It isn't a big mod, it is only adding 1 company (for the moment) and wrestler (for the moment). The problem currently is that I can't find the thread where I found the picture for my wrestler (my current avatar/profile picture) so I can ask the creator for permission to use it. But I have been working on logos, banners, and even belts! I will upload them as I make them so you can see the progress of the mod and give me feedback and advice if you wish.













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