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I've tried searching and can't find anything related to this so I figured I'd ask...I think it's a problem I've encountered but don't know so I'm asking here before tech.


I'm playing 1.26 as PSW but beefed up using the editor so I could kind of extend my 2013 game.


I have two tv shows. Full Force airs one day on three stations, one covering the US, one covering Canada, and one in Mexico.

Northern Front airs a few days later on the same three stations.


Full Force started a few months before Northern Front and so it's contracts are farther in on their life than the contracts for Northern Front.


The contract for Full Force with Arcadia was set to expire in a month and GNN was willing to sign me so I went with them. The Arcadia contract expired but now two months later my contract with GNN is yet to begin.

Could it be because of my other two contracts for Full Force with a Canadian and Mexican broadcaster? GNN does cover Canada and Northern Mexico but when I edited those regions out of range it still didn't show on GNN.


If anyone could let me know what they think I'd appreciate it.

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<p>I think that is why, as they are considered competing networks. </p><p> </p><p>

Say GNN aired it first, the other two networks would be replays. Do the "?" on the broadcaster screen shed any light on it? (don't have the game in front of me)</p>

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