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Hype: The Brand Wars

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Ever wanted to take control of WWE and make your brand better than the rest? The Brand Wars Mod is a fictional real world mod based on the events of the recent WWE draft. Play as one of the five brand and take over the WWE.


Story: With the draft announced every wrestling fan in the world took notice of what WWE where planning. Fully expecting the product to stay the same with little change, the WWE surprises the world then they announce WCW and ECW as brands exclusive to the network. Together with NXT the five brands will be generating content almost every day of the week to pad out the network. Each brand with a commissioner and GM, Vince's 2016 brand expansion is set to shake up the wrestling world. The new era arrives debuting fresh talent, pushing rising stars and returning old legends.


The Mod so far: I aimed to finish this before the mod but real life got in the way. But now close to being finished I will incorporate the real life rosters, logos etc. I aim to be finished by the end of the week/early next week.


How it works: So the aim is to be rival brands so raw and smack are set at the same popularity and the other three set at cult. The users are already set up as the GM's of each brand (make sure you don't select to delete the ones not used).


The brands are all in the WWE Universe Alliance, some titles belong to the alliance so are interbrand while others are exclusive. The rosters and champs will be set up as of the draft edition of smackdown. The game will start the Monday after Battleground. A lot of living legends as well as alumni and promising indy wrestlers are in the mod unsigned yet WCW and ECW has been filled up with legends you would expect and younger guys that fit the mold. RAW, Smackdown and NXT rosters are true to real life.


ECW and WCW are TV based with only 4 or 5 special events a year. While RAW, Smackdown and NXT are traditional. All the PPVS are set based on the real 2016 schedule. For shows that RAW and Smackdown share they both have the same show name set for the same day but only two hours instead of 4. Wrestlemania is the set up the same way with NXT hosting Takeovermania aswell on the sunday. The day before, sat, WCW host starcade and ECW host Wrestlpalooza.


Im thinking of making superstars and main event either b-shows for RAW and Smackdown or specials or not use them at all. Was even thinking of bringing back In Your House but with both brands getting a PPV a month with the new schedule it seems over kill.

The Brands: RAW: Commissioner - Stephanie, GM - Foley, TV show - Monday Night RAW - Monday, Product - Sports Entertainment, Size - National.


SMACKDOWN: Commissioner - Shane, GM - Bryan, TV show - Smackdown Live - Tuesday, Product - Sports Entertainment, Size - National.


NXT: Commissioner - Triple H, GM - Triple H, TV show - NXT - Wednesday, Product - Sports Entertainment, Size - Cult.


WCW: Commissioner - Vince, GM - Bishoff, TV show - Friday Night Nitro - Friday, Product - Attitude Entertainment, Size - Cult.


WCW: Commissioner - Vince, GM - Heyman, TV show - Hardcore TV - Thursday, Product - Attitude Entertainment, Size - Cult.


Championships: WWE Alliance - interband mitb, WWE Tag, WWE Women's, WWE Cruiserweight.


RAW - mitb, United States, Universal.


Smackdown - mitb, Intercontinental, World Heavyweight.


NXT - NXT, NXT Tag, NXT Women's.


WCW - WCW, Six man Tag, Cruiserweight


ECW - Hardcore, TV, Tag


Tournament titles can't belong to alliance so I don't know what to do with royal rumble winner and kotr other than give them both to the brand you play as. This is the last major issue i have to work out.



Please Help: If any one can find the 2017 PPV schedule that would be a massive help I only have the schedule for the rest of 2016. As of this post I can not find an image for the universal championship does anyone have a link to what it looks like.



The mod is largely taken from Fleisch's Real World Chronicles. Thanks to him for giving me permission to edit it and for making great mods.


This is my first ever mod and wasn't even intend to be released on the forums but I thought why not people might wonna give it a go. Let me if your interested or want more info.

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PPV Schedule:


I've tried to keep this as close to the real life schedule as possible. ECW and WCW are set up as filler for the network so are TV lead with 4 PPVs. All PPvs are on the network. NXT, ECW and WCW PPVs are held on a saturday while RAW and Smackdown PPVs are on a sunday.



NXT Takeover Rival Week 1

RAW and SM Royal Rumble Week 3



RAW Fast Lane Week 4

SM Over the limit Week 2



NXT Takeover Mania Week 4

ECW Wrestlepalooza Week 4

WCW Starrcade Week 4

RAW and SM Wrestlemania Week 4



SM Vengeance Week 3

RAW Payback Week 4



WCW Spring Stampede Week 3

SM No Way Out Week 3

NXT Takeover Unstoppable Week 4

RAW Extreme Rules Week 4



SM King of the Ring Week 2

ECW Guilty as charged Week 3

RAW Money in the Bank Week 4



SM Elimination Chamber Week 2

NXT Takeover Respect Week 3

RAW Battleground Week 3



WCW The Great American Bash Week 2

RAW and SM Summerslam Week 3



ECW One Night Stand Week 2

SM Backlash Week 2

RAW Clash of Champions Week 4



NXT Takeover Revolution Week 2

SM No Mercy Week 2

WCW Halloween Havoc Week 4

RAW Hell in a Cell Week 4



RAW and SM Survivor Series Week 3



SM TLC Week 2

ECW December to Dismember Week 3

RAW Roadblock Week 4

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