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Would peole be interested in a DeclineVerse mod? + Question

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I am curious if people are interested in a DeclineVerse mod. I am making a database myself (see scenario and story stuff below), which probably won't be released for TEW 2016, but if it turns out to be good enough, then why the hell not?



Set in the year 2050, in an imaginary universe, in which WEW, the lead promotion in the business has had a stale product for the last 4 decades and only now starts to feel the effects of it, mainly due to the passing of the its former owner Vin Cent Mahoney. The rest of the promotions have been unable to capitalize on this, mainly due to the uninterest of the casual wrestling fans. Wrestling is seen as archaic and is in a declining state. Wrestlers are now mostly either degenerates or have a backup plan in music, movies or MMA Fighting, which seems to be at its peak. Wrestlers don't care enough anymore and don't put a lot of effort in training. Also, there are almost no people who come from other sports to the world of wrestling. Europe has completely alienated itself from the world of wrestling and only the hardcore smart mark fans remain. Will you be able to survive The Decline?




Apart from some exception(NSW for now), everything goes to crap in the 2059-2069 period. After 2070, the industry starts to revive itself. There is going to be a spike to the bottom in 2074, after multiple scandals, but things will begin to get smoothed out from that point on.




WEW stay afloat until Dave Mahoney(the owner) is caught in a scandal (2067). No replacement is found for a year (his sister, Melanie becomes owner and Mark Mahoney becomes the booker). during said period the company stays dormant. NSW stays strong and keeps steadily developing. New booker is "The Groove Machine" (2068). NSW eventually break out free of WEW bonds (2076) and overcome them(2083). They have a bad spell in the years (2089-2093) but they recover (The Groove Machine turns the product into Attitude Era style stuff and it works. New owner/booker turns NSW back to its roots, newer fans dislike it at first, but then the old style starts growing on them).



No idea. I have no idea about Mexico stuff. Sorry. Probably going to be a barren territory.



Both SSJW and JWW are devastated in the end. SSJW loses another war (2056) (they lost one against WEW a few years before this), nobody likes them anymore and JWW mis-use their talent (kind of like WCW) and scandals will lead to their doom (2061). SSJW becomes like modern NWA. It has a lot of prestigious history, but the glory days are far, far away in the past.



Hopefully there only will be garbage wrestling promotions by 2069. All standard UK prommotions get downgraded to Small or Local sizes. New UK promotions show up after 2078, following the format of Japanese Puroresu style of wrestling.



Nobody cares about wrestling anymore (2054). No more worker generation until 2061. Everybody cares about wrestling in 2076. Numerous new local promotions open up. Ten years later they have an old-school regional American style, where each region has its own promotion(2086). In 2092, one promotion turns uber-aggressive and buys out all other companies(history repeats itself).



A couple of Regional/Cult promotions manage to survive through the Big Decline and make it out standing on their feet through great wrestling and solid storytelling. They become bitter rivals and both are colossuses(colossi?) when The Decline ends. They manage to last until about 2146 when they become "out-of-fashion" (both companies fall at about the same time). Europe and Canada become sort-of like modern Japan and America (in about 2096).



No promotion survives. No promotions during the period 2056-2069. New promotions show up after that, but nothing special. A succesful promotion will launch at about 2080.







Worker Specific


Greg "The Groove Machine" Rant: Makes hit song after hit song with Davey Must Stain (2065-2067). Both become Billionaires. Greg takes over as the owner and booker of NSW. He continues where Mark Mahoney left off (He does a very good job introducing Attitude Era style stuff). He steps down from that position in late 2088 (63 years old and retires a couple of years later). Gets problems with alcohol in about 2096 and dies in 2099(74 years old).


Davey Must Stain: Becomes an upper midcarder in WEW (hopefully) and stays there as a road agent, until he goes back down to NSW in 2068 with friend Greg Rant. Both retire at about the same age. Greg Rant dies before Davey due to health issues. He retires at the ripe age of 68. He lives a happy retirement until Greg dies. He then lives a less-happy retirement. He gets into drugs in 2101(79 years old) and dies in 2107(85 years old).


Vin Cent Mahoney: Literally lives three years short of a century.


Dave Mahoney: Let the game decide how well he's gonna do booking WEW, but he will get in a prostitute scandal in 2067 (while being a married father). He gets fired short thereafter.


Melanie Mahoney: Melanie will become the owner of WEW in 2068 and bring Mark Mahoney along as the booker. Things are stable for WEW, as they both manage to repair any and all damage Dave had done.


Mark Mahoney: Will help NSW grow. Goes to WEW in 2068 and lets Greg Rant run NSW, after his recent success out of wrestling and his new-earned money. Becomes booker of WEW. Does fine job, but doesn't turn WEW into smart mark wrestling.



All these are raw thoughts and they probably won't be like this whenever the database gets finished. For example Australia not having promotions for 13 years and Mexico being a wrestling wasteland seems boring. Gotta have something more exciting and probably more grim there.



And for the second part of this thread, a question about practical stuff. I have set WEW to be the parent company of NSW. I have set Greg and Davey to have to development contracts with WEW, but the database claims there is an error there, since WEW have no development territory. Any help?

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