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Mod idea or possibly new game- High School Football?

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Grey Dog Software,

I have thoroughly enjoyed many of your games, my two favorite being WMMA 3 and College Bowl Bound. I love the archived world inside each players game. It opens up a world of imagination and fun. Unlike many other simulation games, it gives each players career a "purpose." I personally love going back into the history of my game and seeing what I have done in the past or, what has occurred before me. It is for these reasons that I feel my idea for College Bowl Bound or a game like it can only be accomplished by you. EA sports stopped releasing their NCAA football games, much to the dislike of millions of fans. They miss playing with their favorite college teams, but, they also miss experiencing the rush of high school football in road to glory. High School football is a feature that a countless number of football video game fans have been urging to play. I believe that your software of College Bowl Bound, could create a perfect high school football simulation game. Here is my idea:



- the player is a coach, just like College Bowl Bound, and can choose which state to coach in.

- With in each state, teams are automatically generated and are specified by what region or city they are located in. Too hard to do maybe, so only big time states have schools specified to cities and regions. (obviously players can customize team, conferences, players etc.)

- The coach's career is measured by reputation and legacy, gain these in numerous different ways ill explain later

- Each team is ranked by prestige 1 through 5 star obviously 1 stars are worse than 5's, play lighter schedule, have less attendance, worse players, worse league etc.

- But, lower star teams have lighter expectations for their coach, so it will be an easier career per say. Ex: a 2 start team won't have great players but coach can gain higher reputation with worse records (not legacy though.) Coach's of lower start teams can move up the ladder with their own team, or get job offers from higher prestige teams based on their performance.

- Teams go through offseason, preseason, season, playoffs etc.

- Players will be able to coach their own high school team and deal with creating a scheme, dealing with new players when their old players are gone, helping their best kids get recruited... All the real challenges coaches deal with today... While having their high school football world archived.


I truly believe this could be the greatest simulation football game or mod yet. Now I'll dive into some of the specifics



- As i mentioned earlier, teams will be auto generated, with realistic high school names (I don't think you can actually use towns names so random will have to do)... players can also customize all the teams names and colors at any time.

- For the big time states (Texas, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, California) big time schools will be created with vast history for everyones game. All other teams history and details will be generated or created by the gamer

- Schools with higher prestige have better players... better history for the most part

-Urban schools are more likely to have better teams but some rural teams can be prestigious

-Private schools... Private schools are in the game, some of the best teams in the states will be private, and the private schools will always be in the same league. Private schools can also recruit players to come play for them (keeps recruiting feature everyone loves) but, they can only recruit kids near their area. Private schools in an area with more talent will end up with better teams

-Public teams...the talent pool for incoming classes will be based on the schools prestige. Classes range within their talent potential, but some are much better than others... gives a dynamic and challenge to public school coaches to develop or rebuild etc.

- Schools with higher prestige have better players, but higher expectations. Ex: If a 5 star teams goal is to go undefeated, and you don't go undefeated, you will lose reputation and job security. If a 2 star teams goal is to win 5 games an you win 7, your reputation is going to increase giving you better options to either develop you current team to a higher prestige or accept a better schools job. Obviously only winning 2 more games for one season won't sky rocket your career but I believe you get the gist.

-Rivalries: there are rivalry games that dictate job security as well (auto generated but always have a rival in your same league)

-Archives: Each team has archived histories accounting each seasons record and players, also an option to look at "notable alumni" which are players who went on to play at the next level or players who had tremendous seasons

-The more a team wins, the higher the prestige will rise

- if a team is a 5 star. to give the player an incentive other than just winning championships and sending players to great schools... 5 star schools are also given national rankings as well if they are "blue chipped" which are big tim schools that graduate big time players

- There is also state rankings

- teams have archived conference championships, state runner ups, state championships and national ranking.



- Coaches main objective is to rack up legacy and reputation while accomplishing as much in each season as possible

- Reputation: reputation is awarded when objectives in season are accomplished... each team has its own objectives based on level of team. Reputation can help coaches get better jobs, develop players more efficiently, higher top tier assistants, recruit bette kids to school (private school) etc. Reputation can do more if you have better ideas (also I'm not crazy about the reputation and legacy idea it definitely needs some polishing or renaming)

-Legacy: Legacy is racked up by the following ways: Winning championships conference or state with state giving more points obviously, advancing your team to next prestige level, sending kids to college programs, the number of 5 star 4 star 3 star 2 star etc. players you have on a team, having all american players, having all state players, players winning awards... Legacy helps coaches advance their school, create relationships with college coaches, create opportunity for more blue chip recognized players, and helps the coach get to the hall of fame

-Coaches can customize every aspect of their team just like Bowl Bound

-Can higher other assistants... Coaching carousel

-Talk to colleges for their players

-vote on yearly awards (if legacy score is high enough)

-If private school, recruit kids in area

-Level up skill level using reputation

-Can trade reputation for legacy and vise versa

-Coach also has specialty Ex:if coach's specialty is QB's and WR's they develop those players better



-Players skill is measured by ratings just like bowl bound

-Players ratings are specific to their position obviously

-Also types of players at each position Ex: QB- Pocket passer, dual threat, option etc.

-Realistic sizes for players and most players grow as they age

-Players develop based on performance if they play early or work ethic or potential, and if they sit early are based in their work ethic rating or potential

-Realistic names based on ethnicity just like WMMA 3. Everyone thinks it's weird when a white kicker has a very urbanesque name.

-Urban schools have more diverse players, where rural schools do not

-Players with ratings 86-92 3 star players, 93-98 4 star 98-99 5 star

-4 and 5 star players can be All american or Top 250. Not all 4 stars are

-Players also can outreach their potential if they are All State or All American as underclassman

-Players can transfer from public to private, private to public in area, public to public in area (if public to public, has to sit out 4 weeks)

-Players who go to D1 schools or are All-state or conference honors become "notable alumni" also Blue Chip alumni which is AA players

-Normal amount of 4 and 5 stars on good teams Ex: 5 star team thats not blue chip won't have a ton of 4 and 5 stars only a few... blue chip programs spur out a bunch of top tier players

- Rural teams have better chance to have a great lineman while urban schools have better skill position players

-Transfer wire for players




Those are the nitty gritty things for the basics, I can dive into much more though. I know it's a lot, but if you are interested please let me know. If it is not possible to do also let me know I could check a few other gaming companies to see if they could. I only contacted you because Grey Dog has created my favorite sim games. I've worked hard on brainstorming, so no matter the outcome please let me know. Thank you and keep up the great work!!



Drew Fiorenza

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