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North East Wrestling Stars

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For a long time the North East of England has been seen as the runt of the UK wrestling litter with the promotions further down the country getting the praise. Whether that be in the past with 1PW and Pro Wrestling 101 or whether that be in the present with PROGRESS, Rev Pro, ATTACK! and PCW to name but a few.

However in recent times there has been a lot of a quality talent working in the area without necessarily the platform to see it. Workers such as The New Nation of Jason Prime and Alexander Henry and HT Drake and his girlfriend Little Miss Roxxy have started making waves further down the country or up in Scotland and suddenly people are taking notice.

There is one man who thought to himself that he would like to change all of this and put the North East or England back on the wrestling map like in the days of wZw and the IWF. That man is long time referee on the scene “Jumpin” John Myers.

Now I know what people are thinking, what about What Culture Pro Wrestling? Aren’t they from the North East of England?

Well frankly yes, however when a promotion can book so much stellar talent and big names yet still make it a circle jerk between some quasi celebrities from YouTube whilst the workers clearly phone in their performances there is something severely wrong. WCPW will have their followers based on YouTube views and a culture of fans that believe themselves (much like the WCPW personalities themselves) to be above the workers. When all is said and done they will however not be seen to be putting the North East on the wrestling map and are already being seen by many more intelligent wrestling fans for the joke that they are.

With that being said John Myers has linked up with Scottish Wrestling Alliance commentator Chris Duke as well as a silent partner from the region and plans to book the shows to showcase the North East talent.

Myers plans to build a promotion with local talent at the forefront interspersed with talent from all over the country to provide the region with some stellar matches. The company are initially wanting to showcase the talent without restrictions so will not be introducing title belts right away although there are plans to do this further down the line.


The Debut show of North East Wrestling Stars (NEWS) will take place on Saturday Week 4 2016 at the Cockton Hill Working Mens Club in Bishop Auckland, County Durham with a bell time of 7pm.


Main Event

Admiral-Lord Mountevans rules

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Zack Gibson

Zack Sabre Jr. may not be long for these shores with the rumours of an NXT contract on the horizon for the technical wizard so we could not pass up this opportunity. Who better to put the man from the Isle of Sheppey in the ring with but Liverpool’s own Zack Gibson. A much underrated technical wrestler Gibson uses his trademark Shankly Gates submission hold and can be seen for various promotions across the country.

The match will be contested under the tradition British rule system (Admiral-Lord Mountevans rules) which is a 2/3 falls format with the following rules:-


A fall can be awarded by the following means:


• Pinfall

• Submission

• Knockout - failing to answer the referee's 10 count when thrown or knocked to the canvas or outside the ring.

• Technical Knockout - If the opponent is ruled unfit to continue by the referee.

• Disqualification - generally applicable upon a wrestler receiving the third of three "Public Warnings" given by the referee for serious or persistent offences.


A win is immediately awarded in the event of a knockout or disqualification, regardless of whether or not falls have previously been scored.


Chance of a Lifetime Match

Winner will face Io Shirai for the World of Stardom Championship at our next show.

Shax vs. Ruby Summers vs. Lucy Cole vs. Little Miss Roxxy

This match will pit four hungry talented ladies against one another with the winner getting a chance on our next show to face off and challenge possibly the best female wrestler in the world Io Shirai. Stardom officials have cleared it that when she is on her small UK tour next month the Joshi star can defend the belt.


Now on to the people with the opportunity. First up from Yorkshire is a lady who has worked for various UK promotions including the renowned Bellatrix promotion. Calling herself the “Demon Princess” we have Shax. Competitor number two is also from Yorkshire but is not as well travelled as Shax although highly talented in her own right and her name is Ruby Summers. Thirdly all the way from Scotland is a lady trained under Kid Fite so you know she is one tough cookie and that is recently graduated from University Lucy Cole. Don’t let her studious nature fool you however as she is one of the most vicious competitors you could ever meet when she steps in to the ring and would love the exposure and opportunity that a match with Shirai would bring. The last competitor is something of a wild card in the talented Little Miss Roxxy. The part time pole dancer and fire eater has only been wrestling for less than one year but is already regarded as one of the top talent in the North East and will be one to look out for in this match.


Style Battle #1 (MMA vs. Lucha Libre)

Sean Only vs. El Ligero

In the first of two clash of style matches long time veteran of the UK wrestling scene El Ligero will be taking on the brutally vicious former Mixed Martian Artist Sean Only. Only has not been wrestling for anywhere near as long as Ligero but has laid waste to everything in his path in places like Tidal Wrestling and NGW so this one could certainly go either way.


Style Battle #2 (Powerhouse vs. Cruiserweight)

Lowthian vs. Sam Bailey

The Tyneside Titan himself is back in the wrestling fold after a hiatus from the business and he is older, wiser and stronger than he was back in CRW back in the day. Up against Lowthian will be the well-travelled cruiserweight Sam Bailey who has made a name for himself all over the country mainly in promotions such as PCW and NGW. This promises to be a match that could go either way and maybe a little bit of ring rust could work in the favour of Bailey.


Tag Team Battle

Go Team Sports (Ace Matthews and David Graves) vs. The New Nation (Jason Prime and Alexander Henry)

This looks on paper to be quite the one sided contest with the happy go lucky Matthews and Graves always out to have fun whilst Prime and Henry take no prisoners. The hard hitting duo have begun making waves further afield but still call the North East of England their home and will be looking to make a statement. Do not rule out Go Team Sports however as when they need to they can mix it up with the best of the them.


Out with the Old…In with the New?

Drake and The Dragon (HT Drake and Micky The Dragon) vs. Full Pack (Iain Robinson and Micky L)

A tale of two teams at different ends of their career scale. On the one hand you have the veteran team of the North East wrestling scene that has worked just about every promotion and venue in the area over their long career in Full Pack. Whilst on the other hand you have the Gimmick Killer and The Dragon a cocky young team that take no prisoners and will take out everything and everyone that gets in the way of their progress. Once Micky was an honest guy that loved the business and fans but now he has been corrupted in to a much meaner and nastier worker by his best friend Drake.


This match came about when Full Pack were asking on Facebook of their fans whether they should go for one last run with the result being a resounding positive. Drake then got in touch with us and asked for this match claiming this will be the last match we see of those two old timers.


Two Veteran Collide

Johnny Moss vs. Dean Allmark

Two veteran of the UK wrestling scene will also collide here as Cumbria’s own Johnny Moss will take on Xtreme Dean in what promises to be a great spectacle.


James R. Kennedy in the House

World renowned devious manager James R. Kennedy has told his he will be in the house at Cockton Hill and as of yet we are not sure what this means for the company and just what he is here for.


Live Commentary will be provided on the night by Chris Duke and Prince Mohmed Ameen whilst there is also a rumour Rock God Harrison Wonderland will be in attendance.


Tickets £8

Children £5 or every second child goes free.




North East Wrestling Stars Presents: Welcome to the House of Fun


Main Event

Admiral-Lord Mountevans Rules

"The Technical Wizard" Zack Sabre Jr. vs. "Liverpool's #1" Zack Gibson


Opportunity of a Lifetime

"The Demon Princess" Shax vs. "Pride of Yorkshire" Ruby Summers vs. "Scottish Sensation" Lucy Cole vs. "Aycliffe's Own" Little Miss Roxxy


Style Battle #1

"The Mexican Sensation" El Ligero vs. "The Punk Rock Connoisseur" Sean Only


Style Battle #2

"The Tyneside Titan" Lowthian vs. “Superstylin'” Sam Bailey


Tag Team Showdown

The New Nation ("The Primate" Jason Prime and "The Class Apart" Alexander Henry) vs. Go Team Sports (Ace Matthews and "The 80 Minute Man" David Graves)

Out With the Old...In With the New

Drake and The Dragon ("Gimmick Killer" HT Drake and Micky The Dragon) vs. Full Pack ("Heart-Throb" Iain Robinson and "Loudmouth" Micky L)

Singles Showcase

"Xtreme" Dean Allmark vs. "The Vigilante" Johnny Moss

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