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Anyone ever regret not drug testing?

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Started a cult company and have booked 2 and a half years so far. I've made it to National twice but failed in the national battles and went back down to Cult both times. In three months I'll be back to National and most likely up to International considering I'm the number one company in the world and am now winning the national battle in terms of top 5 main Eventers.


So as I continue to grow in size I wonder if I should drug test my people to avoid embarrassing situations. I have 80 active wrestlers, so if it's just a high cost and really doesn't accomplish anything then I won't bother with it. Only wrestler I'm aware of on my roster that uses is Remmy Skye, but I'm okay with my people smoking pot. I fired a guy with a stoner gimmick and plan on giving him that once his Surfer Dude starts getting stale.


Anyway, just wondering if anyone had any situations that could have been avoided with a drug test. Also in this thread if anyone knows of any wresters in the vanilla game that use drugs, that you wouldn't expect.

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