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To better simulate reality, I try to impose rules and limits on myself whenever I play. For instance, I don't merely follow the set punishments that are featured in the game, but I also have a rule that I must punish wrongdoers in the ring. Minor infractions might see a wrestler job on one or two shows, but more serious incidents warrant a longer period of "jobbing". This, I feel, better simulates what happens in reality. For example, Triple H's King of the Ring win was put on hold for a year after the MSG Incident, and he was pretty much jobbed out to everyone until he and HBK formed D-Generation X. Alternatively, I must reward good behaviour in the ring. However, this is more limited than punishments as drawing cartoons or doing impressions aren't a good reason to push someone to the moon, unless a punishment and reward coincide. I recently rewarded Bob Holly with the European title which he took off Triple H, who I was punishing. Just having these two rules can drastically change my playing style. Normally, I'd push HBK, but I'm currently starting him on a period of three months jobbing. Meanwhile, Bart Gunn has earned himself a push to Upper Midcarder.


So, my question is, does anyone else impose any rules on their play? If so, what sort of rules do you have and how do they affect your play?

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