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Brand Exclusive PPV Morale?

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Hey guys,


I was wondering if anyone could help me.


I divided my roster among three brands from day one and I'm setting about starting exclusive brand only PPVs - my first five PPVs were all mixed, but I've just got too many matches planned and story lines going on to continue in that fashion .


The only trouble is that the blowback was huge when I did my first PPV: I didn't realise everyone from referees to main eventers would be upset if they were left off PPV (even people who were involved in angles off camera).


Obviously, I don't want to build up 4 weeks of TV, only to discover that, when my brand exclusive PPV takes place, everyone on the other brand will be upset that they did not get to appear.


Can anyone confirm that morale is not effected by branded PPVs?


Sorry if this has been discussed, I saw threads about people discussing brands and PPVs, but not mentioning this specific question.

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