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The Story of DDD & BBS

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In my game of TEW 2016 I pushed Bulldozer Brandon Smith & Dazzerling Something something. Ashamed that I can't remember his full name as he is one of my biggest main eventers.


Well I will usually push people on skill but with DDD & BBS I pushed them as a tag team at first. After winning a few tag titles in my company (Impact Wrestling) and then capturing mid-card titles they became main eventers.


I know how to burry people. I did it to Ivan Kral (Aleksander Something is his original name. Don't judge me with names, I don't have my game with me at the moment.) I buried him by accident after giving him a run with the Impact Intercontinental, King of Kings, United States, Best in the World winner, Lethal Rumble winner, and then World title. All the titles were at once. He held the minor titles for about a year and the main title for about 7 months then after he dropped them all, he slowly was dropped to midcard. Bit harsh and I actually am trying to push him again but he isn't going anywhere.


But DDD & BBS moved up to main event level. Even going for the world title, which Tommy Cornell has (AND HE'S FACE!). Logical thing to do was split their tag team and make DDD a face and make them fight each other...


They put on solid matches, good ratings. But why did I push them? Was it an accident? Sorta.


I was only wanting to push them to midcard/upper midcard, but they ended up being much more. They went from jobbing, to midcard, to main event.


Even jobbers go somewhere.


Respect the jobbers.


Thank you.


AydenReid, former jobber turned championship contender in real life and then dropped down to jobber again.

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