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C-Verse: Back to the Territories

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Hello guys,


So I've been kicking around this idea lately of starting my very first mod. And as I looked around the mods section, I noticed there were no Territory only mods for the C-Verse.


I know there was a real world one for 2013 and I believe was brought over to 2016??


Now this mod will take place in the C-Verse. I will be pushing the start date ahead four years to the year 2020.


The overall story is that the major feds in the C-Verse pretty much destroyed the popularity of wrestling on a large scale. USPW, Burning Hammer, TCW, SWF, were all essentially entangled in a war to come out on top. Within a span of 2 years all of the companies raided the smaller ones and essentially ran them out of business by stealing all their talent. And two years later wrestling on a global scale was non existant. Fans grew tired of seeing new promotions pop up only to be quickly exterminated by one of the big 4 companies.


No one ever saw wrestling take such a massive nosedive in popularity and money in history. All four of the big companies disbanded, thus sending pro wrestling into a dark ages of sorts.


With the game being pushed a few years into the future there will be a fair amount of older wrestlers who have moved into behind the scenes roles. Most of these guys got together and created the old territory system.


Each country is divided up by region that all fall under a territory governing body (ala NWA) for each country.


Now heading into this mod I have a really good idea on how this is going to go. But I do want to keep this mod as close to a territory based as possible.


Do any of you guys have any suggestions on how contracts should be set up? I was thinking of putting everyone as freelance so that way if a company does sign them they wont sign them for a long term, this keeps major starts on a rotation moving from fed to fed.


Also federation size. Should I cap each one at regional? to keep it close to the territory system and to also keep the feds from overlapping into other company regions? Or should I not put a cap and see where it goes?


I am open to suggestions as today I am going to start the process of coming up with federations and territory govern bodies.


Also anyone that is good with making pictures, I will need fed, territory, and title belts needed if anyone is willing to help.

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