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WWF 1994: The New Generation

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Main Event:

Bret Hart - The World Heavyweight Champion and leader of the New Generation

Lex Luger - On the comedown from his failed year at trying to capture the Title

The Undertaker - Ascended after defeat at the Rumble - Set for his big comeback at Summerslam

Randy Savage - Being pushed out of active competition but still the biggest star on the roster and one of the few holdovers from the Hulkamania Era.

Razor Ramon - Former Intercontinental Champion feuding with Diesel and Shawn Michaels - transforming the midcard.

Tatanka - The former undefeated Native American - Never really did anything with his big push and now floating around - Has simmering tension with Lex Luger and the Million Dollar Corp.


Yokozuna - His lengthy title reign was ended at Wrestlemania X - but has done little since - teamed with Crush at the King of the Ring - in an attempt to win the tag belts - shows how far he has slipped.

Owen Hart - Has caught fire defeating brother Bret at Mania, Winning the King of the Ring, and is set for a chance of the Title at SummerSlam

Jerry Lawler - The ageing Lawler was chosen to headline the first PPV of the New Generation against fellow 80's Star Roddy Piper - In a quest for Star Power.

Shawn Michaels - A fantastic in ring talent and outstanding on the mic - let's hope he doesn't have an attitude problem - or worse goes to the DubyaCeeDubya

Diesel - An uneven 1994 as he had a monster Rumble, but was left off the Mania card - seems back on track with the IC Title and a World Title shot at the King of the Ring.

Bam Bam Bigelow - Just sort of there - A good in ring worker and could be utilised as a top heel

Jeff Jarrett - Hasn't done anything interesting in his time in the WWF - Last seen feuding with Doink - a good worker who should be useful going forward.

Jim Neidhart - Past his best - but his two super talented Brother-in-Laws are feuding - Main Event Payday!

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