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Email Multiplayer

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I just casual brought a email game may bring back fun to somebody in a topic. I got more pms how to play a email game today than I ever got on GDS. So I think it has been forgotten or never passed on to the new players. A email game can be just as fun as playing with a real person in the same house. Actually in some cases even more depending on the people. I know the person I have been playing with since tew 2004. He is only a weekly booker now. So he has dropped off alot. I do all the needed editing in the game from time to time too. So I feel closer to my games than him. Anyway how it works is very easy and simple.


Step 1


You talk over pm to figure out if you actually want to play a mod together.


Step 2


If you have decided to play a mod together. You figured out what mod to play together.


Step 3


You make sure both players have download the mod and pics


Step 4


You make sure both players installed the mod


Step 5


Exchange emails so not to tie up the GDS PM service.


Step 6


Discuss what you want to do in the mod. Same fed brands, rivals, alliance, etc


Step 7


One of the players starts the game and picks the people for each other.


Step 8


The setup player after has finished his turn. He zips the save games folder in that mod. So the other player(s) has the backup and temp folder for your game. If you only sent the mdb. It won't work because it is missing those folders. Yes the other player could make dummy save game. The mdb would work that way. The problem being it disables the game recovery feature. Since there is nothing to recover.


Step 9


You can sent via mediafire, email, dropbox(not my fav choice anymore), and anything that will host it. You send the link or file to the other player.


Step 10


The other player(s) finish there turns


Step 11


Now that all people have finished there turns. You could talk over email, videochat, or any other form of communication.


Step 12


You could do write ups for your federation to other players.


Step 13


Have fun

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