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Monthly planning tips?

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Hey Everyone,


So I’m looking for a way that might improve my schedule Planning. I try to plan out PPV ahead of time, and build towards for the month. Here is an example of what I have currently with some additions along the way for my CGC Game in the CVerse 97 by DerekB. I know it looks like a lot is going on, so I’ll explain it a bit.


-Winners are listed first.


-The grey Matches are Main Show


-Blue matches are Pre Show. (never needed Post Show. But maybe I should if I find a use for it)


-The first of the two right columns that gets colored Green allow me to put in match times. They are auto summed at the top to give me an idea on how im doing on time.


-The second of these is match rating. (after show is ran. A the top in purprle is overall show rating.


-The Yellow merged cells are Angles.




Do you think I’m missing anything? Can you offer any suggestions as to what I might be able to add to get more information? Or should I cut something out? Any and all criticism is welcome and appreciated.




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<p>I would add a small column at the end for a + or - to signify chemistry. But I like it. </p><p> </p><p>

I do something similar, but I only put down their in ring performance. I can compare each wrestler month by month to see how far/if they are improving any.</p>

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I can tell by your ratings between matches and angles. My suggestion is alter your product to be more performance than pop. It looks like you are more pop by those ratings. Unless you like making harder on yourself for no reason. I would not do the post match. The don't care negative makes that match almost worthless. My suggestion is add some fluff in women wrestling, hardcore, etc. You can use them as cheap matches to fill in the holes. If you go hardcore route. You want people who can take bumps.
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