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Fun/Odd General Rules We can implement into most/any game?

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Two examples I have to keep things interesting.


Quick Story 1:

- Book an extra Event (if you have the money for it, if not, just take one) and allow the Auto Booker to have full reign of booking. Allow the auto booker to make title changes. Run an Auto Booked Event every 15 Shows. (Or around once ever year and a half). Work those title changes into your storylines.


Quick Story 2:

- This person must be pushed up to at least upper Midcard. Book a 1v1v1v1(v1) match with lower card and openers, let the AI pick the winner, that guy needs to go on at least a few month winning streak, ending or continuing with getting a secondary title shot. (Either win or lose, User Choice)



Of course, if you guys decide to take one of these, tell me how it works out.

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