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What is a good product setup for good in-ring skills with great results?

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I have been experimenting with the products lately and nothing seems to work for me. I have been having regular good matches (75-85) but not great matches (90s etc). Matches in 90s are VERY rare even for wrestlers with good chemistry. It's almost a year in the game but I can't find a good product for the perfect matches. So what is a good product that will give great matches for wrestlers with good/great in-ring performance skills? Or at least a product for NJPW (Strong Style) type setup with some storytelling that can at least give me some good regular A matches?
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<p>My product settings are pretty good at least in my opinion, i get a lot of 90+ matches with good in-ring performers. Mine are:</p><p> </p><p>

Traditional: Heavy</p><p>

Mainstream: Medium (bump to Heavy for storylines)</p><p>

Comedy: None-Very Low</p><p>

Cult: Medium</p><p>

Risque: None</p><p>

Modern: Heavy</p><p>

Realism: Heavy</p><p>

Hyper-Realism: None</p><p>

Hardcore: None</p><p>

Lucha Libre: Medium</p><p>

Pure: Low</p><p>

Daredevil: Low</p><p> </p><p>

Match Intensity: 60%</p><p>

Match Danger: 55%</p><p> </p><p>

Here is Hideo Itami's top 10 matches in my company with these settings:</p><p>


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Heres my tech and flyer product for you.


I started making this problem back in 07. When I changed from 04 to 07. There was no cutting edge anymore. Now it is so well done. I would call it the most user friendly product. I will share below how to book it, the product, etc.


First the product


Comedy low none Heavy

Cult Medium very low Key Feature

Risque Low Very low Medium

Modern Medium Very low Key feature

Realism Very low None Low

Hyper Realism none none very low

Hardcore low none Heavy

lucha libre none none very low

Pure Medium Low Heavy

Daredevil Very low none Low


Intensity 50

danger 40





People with low pop

People with aerial, Chain wrestling, mat work, submissions. athleticism, stamina, and consistency. These are your main stats to look for in this product. Any worker will do ok in this problem. Flyers and ground will do the best period. The reason for the low pop is simple. The product is much more performance over pop. So once you hit 40 pop with your guy. He is performing like he has 80 pop in another product. So if that worker is doing horrible still with 40 pop. You should cut him lose unless you want a project. The other reason I said low pop you will get to see the product developed your workers start to finish. In a much more pop over performance product. You have a long road before you start seeing anything.




You can book any angle and any length in this product. I have done 30 min angles.


Booking a show


Always mix your styles between the workers. I suggest no divide between your workers too. It just makes it cost less and work more smooth for you the player. Road agent notes: Aims Epic match does well. Mayhem will get you overbooked. Tech is ok. I usually do regular and aussie rules match type. Since it has a clean winner. Which brings me to sports entertainment stuff. It does not work in this product. The product idea was cutting edge and that is exactly what it is today. Simple angles and awesome matches. I usually have evening gown matches for fluff at the beginning to get the crowd going of course. If you don't want women in your prodcut. I suggest hardcore workers. You don't have to change the product. Just do a hardcore match. Only keep the workers who can do bumps. The crazy bump people are gold. They will always have -chemisty motivation but that is countered by the crazy bump and more. If you don't want hardcore. Opening cards is where you develop your tag teams. Tag Teams in this product would like oldschool wwf. Once there over enough. You break them up because there single matches are just as good as one tag match. So you have 2 stars and you bring in 2 new cheap people to get over. If they can do it I suggest between 25 and 30 mins for single and tag matches. You will get a better rating for the match. My main event and single title matches were 30 mins if they could do it or not. Since I never gave the main event titles to people with lower than 80 stamina.


Hiring and making stars


You never hire a person for big time money in this product. You will only end up firing that worker later. It is very very simple. If you hire in brock lesnar for 80k a month. He will get the same rating or worse than your guy for 8k. Now with that said you know when that 8k wants 80k. You don't have to pay it. You can simply replace him and have him lose on his way out.




Heres the brawling product


It is looks so simple once you see it. Honestly I went through alot of combinations. I wanted only brawling stat to be the best in the product. Any worker will work but brawlers will be great. I tried in 2010 then again in 2013. Finally before I put up 2013 for good. I made this product. It is perfect for a 80's mod. It was great in that 70's mod. I guess he never brought it over.


First the product


Realism Heavy medium Key Feature

Hyper Realism Key Feature Heavy Key Feature

Everything else is none


If you add anything else to the product the brawlers will not be the best in the product. Which is why it has to be it's own product.


Hiring is easy




So those cheap brutes will work perfectly. The average match between kamala and vader in wwf. It will be far better in this product.




It is much more performance product. So no sport entertainment stuff. If you do brawling base matches. You will get higher ratings than regular matches. So anybody who does not want to be that type of match. You can keep them. I suggest you divide your roster. So your booking is easy and smooth. The rating for the regular matches is still good just not as good.


Hiring stars


Yes the same applys in any much more performance product. You don't need them to have a great show. However unlike the other product. If there is a guy with 90 brawling and alot of pop. I suggest you paid the money. Get 2 of them if you can of course. 2 is all you need to me. The reason is you will have 2 people who you know will help bring along your other people. They will carry your shows. I would not feud them at all. So you keep them both strong while you bring up the rest of your roster. I would suggest the same in the other product. The difference is you are only looking for one stat and it is that easy.

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