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SEC Scheduling Strangeness

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Since Arlie has been around lately, wanted to bring this to his attention if possible. I did figure out a workaround but if there is another update, this should be an easy fix I think.


I started a game as Kentucky and got 6 West and 2 East games. I decided that it might be my customized database. I had only modified prestige and team nicknames but just in case, I decided to try again.


However, even starting another game with the default database (freshly re-acquired from Steam), Kentucky still had a West division schedule despite clearly being shown in the East. I went through most of the other SEC teams and their schedules varied from 4 in division, 4 cross division, 5 and 3, 6 and 2 which seemed normal enough (although they should be 6 and 2 of course but I understand it might not be perfect).


But Texas A&M had an East schedule (6 east, 2 west) despite being clearly in the west division. It is like the are somehow reversed in the scheduling logic, even though they show in the correct divisions in conference standings.


I even opened up the default database to double check and they show in the correct divisions in the Teams table.


Hoping someone has an easy fix for this or that Arlie can suggest something. Kind of immersion breaking and makes Kentucky even more hopeless facing 6 West teams.

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<p>I fixed it</p><p> </p><p>

Welp, had the afternoon off so decided to do some troubleshooting on this. To rule out some sort of scheduling bug in the exe that was hardcoded to these teams, I flipped the team ids of Kentucky and TAMU in the Teams table in pstats.dat (TAMU from 39 -> 94, Kentucky from 94 ->39).</p><p> </p><p>

And it worked; Kentucky now has an East Schedule (all 6 east rivals, 2 cross division), TAMU has a west schedule (6-2). But even better, all 14 teams in the SEC now have correct schedules (6 in division, 2 cross division).</p><p> </p><p>

So apparently there is some sort of hard-coding in the scheduling logic by team id (at least for the SEC) and 39 and 94 were reversed. I didn't change anything else at all about the two teams other than their id number so they have the same rivals, same city, etc. Assuming I am correct about the source of the issue, this should allow Arlie to reproduce it and fix it (assuming I am not the only one having this).</p>

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<p>Found One Knock On Issue</p><p> </p><p>

After checking a bit further I realized the rivals for each team are designated by team ID. So the rival for Texas became Kentucky, etc. So in the Teams table, you have to find every 39 in the rivals column and change to 94 and every 94 and change to 39 (so change Louisville's rival to 39 and Texas's rival to 94).</p>

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