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Does this happen?

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Does a rb ever break a long TD run? I have a rb with 91 speed and he gets the "this could go all the way..." text, but he always gets caught for a 20-25 yard gain. The biggest problem is the guys who catch him, sometimes have speed in the 59-65 range. I can see the game engine isn't real realistic, but I'm just wondering, can I expect a long td run ever or just be happy with a 20 yard run.



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Here's a few from some gamelogs I was looking at today:


Navy ball, Q2, 3-15-NAVY41 (11:29) 7-0

Offense: Inside Run, Set: Strong, Play: ST-HB-straight-LG

Defense: Stop Pass, Set: 4-3, Play: 43-pass-ZoneBlitz

RB J. Caballero runs left guard for 50 yards (OOB). TE R. Miller had a key block on the run.


Tulane ball, Q3, 1-10-NAVY49 (03:53) 0-7

Offense: Outside Run, Set: SingleBack, Play: SB-WR-slotrun-RE

Defense: Normal, Set: Nickel, Play: Nickel-norm-TMan

WR J. Thompson runs right end for 25 yards (ILB J. Raines). OG R. Gilbert had a key block

on the run. CB M. Jones missed a tackle.


Maryland ball, Q4, 1-10-MAR27 (05:44) 17-10

Offense: Inside Run, Set: I Form, Play: I-HB-power-LG

Defense: Stop Pass, Set: 3-4, Play: 34-pass-MZ

RB D. Cox runs left tackle for 73 yards ****Touchdown!***** OT L. Siler had a key block on

the run. OLB J. Selby missed a tackle.


Rutgers ball, Q2, 1-10-RUT38 (10:28) 3-10

Offense: Outside Run, Set: Trips, Play: TR-WR-endaround-RE

Defense: Normal, Set: 4-6, Play: 46-norm-Man-B5,6

WR S. Turner runs right tackle for 62 yards ****Touchdown!***** TE R. Atkinson had a key block

on the run.


Wisconsin ball, Q2, 2-4-WIS41 (09:01) 7-3

Offense: Outside Run, Set: I Form Big, Play: IB-HB-toss-LE

Defense: Stop Pass, Set: 3-4, Play: 34-pass-DZ

RB T. Stevenson runs left end for 41 yards (CB J. Carpenter). OT G. Matthews had a key block

on the run.


You might be just having some bad luck. They don't happen all the time, but all these happened within a one-week interval that I just simmed. It's not just about speed, it's about position of the defender and speed. If a 59-speed defender is a corner in a deep zone (as the last wisconsin play shows) - it's not a foot race to catch him. Whereas for the WR end around, the defense was in a 4-6 man D that tends to focus more on between the tackles. In that situation, it's likely there was no defender near the WR once he broke free so his speed took it to the house.


The 50-yard against the 4-3 zone blitz was interesting in that in a ZB, the DL drop into coverage so the RB has fewer fast runners to deal with. That's why it appears one of the safeties forced him out of bounds.

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I can vouch they do break long runs. Granted I only play Sim style and do not view/watch the games. And all in all stats are pretty realistic after watching some 300+ seasons. I've been as high as 6000 yards passing in a pass heavy offense with 50+/- TDs and I've had 2000 yard rushers but never a 3000 yard one. Even in a run heavy offense.
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