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WWE Be The Booker - Co op game

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Welcome to WWE Be The Booker.


This game is a co op game which will involve around 4-8 people.


We will all start with the same game file.


The way this works is for each show You will book for that event keeping in mind the current storylines.


Once you have booked the the show Get a screen shot of your booking and post them here. Like below




Once the team has submitted their plans for the show we will open a poll for voting.


Which ever has the most votes will carry on as the game file. ( We all get that Copy)


I am using Flieshes mod with his current WWE Storylines in.


When you Book your show you can.


Start and end Storylines


Call up From NXT


Create and end tag teams


Change face and heels and gimmicks.


What you cant do is sign anyone new. To sign some one new you must suggest this to the rest of the group and we all need to agree.


How do we agree PPV Line Ups and Storylines?


With storylines, if you were to start a new one in your show, You will be best explaining the aim of the storyline.


PPV lines ups will be discussed and agreed a month before.


If anyone wants to join and has any ideas to add please let me know.







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