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This applies to TEW 13 aswell as 16. I run a small upstart Local promotion with the intent of growing it up... only nothing I do seems to grow in any aspect?


I have some pretty solid workers, having some D/C matches/promos but they don't even budge. I end storylines, no budge. I put on a monthly event that is my best yet, brought in frickin Scott Steiner for a boost... lost momentum/popularity.


I've tried to build up a tag team with the classic "they're coming" style hype video promos, except they do zero on this game despite high ratings.


Can anybody explain this to a fairly new guy? How do small indy's create their own stars to boost their segments as I get so many "devoid of heat" as I can't get popularity up and it ruins matches.


It makes me miss EWR :(

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First I'm assuming you are talking about growing popularity of workers and not the company itself. The company itself is an insane grind (especially on TEW16) getting out of local.


Honestly if the segment is at least 10 points higher than their current pop you are almost guaranteed a minimal amount (minimal meaning a decimal point) of growth. But building stars from nothing is a grind itself. At local you can throw any bum in the ring and grow popularity for your company. But a 0 pop guy going over another 0 pop guy is going to net you up to 5 (In the most optimistic scenario). So don't get hung up on the numbers at first.


You don't need to worry about star power until you are at Small and Regional so don't focus on known talent or you will be throwing your money away. Your shows just need 10 point ratings above the current pop to grow (I'm not looking at the game but I'm pretty sure it is capped at a .3 increase)


Bringing in Scott Steiner is only going to give a guy a partial rub losing to someone like him once (Again I'm assuming you are putting over Scott). If you put the 0 pop guy over Scott it's probably going to be a minimal gain (10 points being optimistic) but Scott will take a nasty dip.

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Well there is one important thing you need to pay attention to and that's the state of the industry. I have found that when the industry is in the toilet, meaning lower than 40/D, then it becomes very difficult to get not only your wrestlers but the company any popularity. You have one or two options in all honesty.


1) You can import a narrative to increase the state of the industry which will in turn make it easy for you to get your product, company, and/or wrestlers over.


2) Keep your nose on the grind and keep pushing forward until the industry climbs out of the hole it may be in.


I don't know if this is the case, but for the most part it usually is. If that is the problem please let us know even if it isn't let us know so we can help in any way we can.

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I'd suggest going into User Preferences and making sure you're using Numbers instead of Grades. It's easier to see your growth that way.


Also, if someone is "off screen" in an angle, they won't receive any pop or skills gains from the angle at all.


Hype video angles are generally set up that the workers are set off screen.

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Ok guys thanks!


I have now set it to numbers over letters to closer monitor the shifts and yeah I put Scott over, hoping having him turn up would pull in some extra ticket sales and do a bit for my guy having a competitve match with him at a C-. I popped my "World" title on him for a short run to try add to it's prestige etc. I was hoping to keep him around, work a program and eventually return the favour once my guy had a bit of a rub but it doesn't look like it works that way :(


I really enjoy the depth of the game, at the same thing I think my first run should have been with a top company so grasp the simple ways of putting people over first.


With angles, I pretty much have to write my own as they're always very strangely set up, limited or (in my opinion) rated on the wrong stat). i.e. a debuting video wouldn't be judged on overness as it's used to BUILD a familiarity with the auidence.


So can anyone give me some pointers on these two scenarios?:


1. Lets use Braun Strowman as an example. If I ran WWE, I could put him over midcarders and build him up popularity wise despite his obvious shortcomings. But how would I do that to a similar stat guy in the indies when most people are a similar overness? He isn't going to have top ranked matches or cut great promos. He is limited to dominant squashes and me modding angles to reflect on his menacing stat etc. But would get over at all in a smaller company?


2. How do I build a buzz for a debuting star? In EWR I would use video packages before a big reveal (ala Nathan Jones), it'd give the guy a nice boost so people at least cared enough to see if he would sink or swim in the ring. However I can't seem to find a way to reflect this in TEW? Again I've modded video angles to work off of menacing/mic stats, rather than overness but seen zero growth despite higher rated segments?


3. Lastly what is the difference between Entertainment and Mic ratings? I assume Entertainment factors in acting too, aswell as Charisma and Mic (that I assume microphone ratings factor)?


Thanks again!

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