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2016-2017 Men's Division 1 Mod

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These are my own personal files that I'm making available should anyone else want to enjoy them. No guarantee or official sanction by Grey Dog Software should be implied.


To use:

Unzip into your public folder for Windows, this is typically:

C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\GDS\Fast Break College Basketball 2010



I've gone through and tried to the best of my ability setup the proper tournament formats (including pre-season), dates, schedule lengths, etc. I've updated team names (generally will match the format and style of US Media sites). I've updated the the logo nicknames to match a set that I created for my own use, due to trademark laws I'm not able to distribute (but you can match my work by simply downloading the relevant logos for on of the US Sports Media sites and putting them into .gif formats) you'll need to make similar file-name updates for the default logos to work. The logo names in my file match the abbreviation names.


I've updated some of the conference prestige values to reflect the reality in a post-realignment environment, team prestige values generally match the default.


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