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Brand new E-Fed looking for members (info inside)

Guest 5050wrestling

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Guest 5050wrestling

Hope this post is allowed but a friend and myself are starting an E-Fed to launch in January 2017.


50-50 wrestling are looking for 8-12 members to start with the show portraying a small start up company looking to quickly become bigger. The fed will be 50 percent based on RP and 50 percent based on storylines with the bigger storylines going to the better promoers.


We are looking for creative members but encourage people who have never done it before to sign up, we will happily help with any aspect of character creation or promoing and look forward to see what you guys can come up with.


Myself and the other owner will not have active roster member but instead will have our own characters called the Graves brothers, the owners of 50-50 wrestling.


The best part I believe is that due to this just starting the people who sign up now will be able to shape the company from the start as we are looking to build a community. Names for shows and PPVs are still undecided and that is something we would love for our community to help with.


If you have any questions please ask below or go over and sign up at



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