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Guidelines For Requesting Graphics (Please read before requesting anything)

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The artists who create renders, alternate versions of renders (known as 're-renders'), edits to renders (known as 'alts') or any other graphical (or data) work in this forum do so at their own pace, convenience and whim. While there may be several threads for alts, belts, logos, etc, please note that requests are fulfilled at the artists' discretion and nobody owes you anything. By no means be discouraged from requesting graphics entirely, but please read the following guidelines to avoid unintentionally angering, annoying or upsetting the community:


- An alt is much easier to do than a full render, and requests for alts are commonplace. However, please be aware of the number you ask for at a time and remember that there are other people requesting things too. Do not repeat requests unless they have gone unfulfilled for several weeks and as a general rule, never repeat a request more than once. If nobody wants to do it, nobody wants to do it.


- When requesting any sort of graphics work, please include as much detail as possible. It is easier to do work on a request when there is a defined vision for the request.


- It is often helpful if requesting an alt of a specific render that you provide a link to that render, as many people have massive folders of worker pictures on their PC containing several versions of the same character. The picture they use to represent a worker may not be the same one you use.


- New renders should not generally be requested, especially not in large quantities and NEVER repeatedly. These take time and specialist software; not everyone who can create alts can create renders and renderers usually work to their own agendas, usually for a particular mod or other.


- There are several threads dedicated to 're-renders' - that being updated versions or different takes on existing renders. Requests in these threads should be viewed more as "suggestions" for the general community, rather than "requests" for your own personal need. They are still, after all, renders and still take time to do.


- When requesting in a thread that specifically identifies itself as a request thread, please check the original, first post of the thread on page 1 before requesting, as that post usually contains request guidelines and up-to-date information as to whether or not the artist is accepting requests at the moment.


- When your request is completed by someone, please don't forget to say thank you! Even if the request was not entirely as you imagined, someone has tried their best, and it's extremely irritating when the artist in question has no idea if you liked, used, or even saw their work!


Generally we have a pretty awesome community here on the GDS boards and the vast majority of users will regard these guidelines as common sense, but lately there have been a few complaints regarding the manner of some requests (and sometimes, demands :p). Just remember that we have a talented bunch of artists here, but they're not paid by anyone and do it for the love of the game. Thanks.

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