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The Pop Network! Presents: Extreme Wrestling League

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The Pop Network is Proud to present.........




Extreme Wrestling League


Eight Teams battle it out to be crowned champion of the league.


The Winners will have eternal glory


While the losers will have to go back to the drawing board.


Season One begins Friday, January 26th 2016.


Be there or be Square-d Circle


The Rules

1. Each Match has a Ten minute time limit

2. There are eight teams with 5 members in each.

3. There are two leagues for each member to worry about. The Team and the individual.

4. Each member of a team will be registered for one of the four divisions of the competition.

5. The divisions are as follows: Championship, Network, Minor and Tag. (Tag must have two members registered from each team.

6. Wrestlers can only fight against other wrestlers in their division and they will each fight each other once over the year.

7. A team earns 3 points if a member wins win, 1 if a member draws and 0 if a member loses

8. An individual gains 1 point for a win, 0.5 points for a draw and 0 for a win.

9. If a team member gets injured where he can not compete at one or more events, the team must sign a replacement from the free agency pool to cover for him but once the original member returns from injury, they must use the original team member.

10. Trades of members between teams are not allowed during the league season but can be made once the season ends.

11. There are no contracts binding a wrestler to a team, if a wrestler wishes to leave he may do so if his team leader allows him.

12. A team leader can dismiss any member of their team for any reason besides injury.

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