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JT Cornellverse Minimod

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The JT Minimod is a tiny mod for the Cornellverse with a big feature. To anyone not clued in, a tsunami will unavoidably hit the coast of Japan at the end of May 2016 and annihilate the country's major metropolitan centers and kill millions.*



What this mod adds is a followup narrative that presents a choice to anyone playing a Japanese promotion: Stay in Japan and toil, or move across the Pacific Ocean to North America.



While your company will stay based in Japan, a huge spike in interest (company popularity) in the United States and Canada can help you cope. It will assist your expansion past National Size (if you are BHOTWG or PGHW) by setting up an increase in exposure through quickly attainable broadcaster deals, provide a temporary option for more profitable draws (if you are WLW, GCG, BCG, or 5SSW), or even create an opportunity to beat bigger companies to the rich and vibrant American pro wrestling market (if you are WEXXV or SAISHO).



All you need to do is download the mod and import the narratives within to your C-Verse database of choice using the Editor. You can even import the Narrative events into an onging save!



Profit off of tragedy!


--> Linkaroonie <--

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