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A Look Into WWE Monday Night Raw 1/30 Segment Times

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I just went through and watched Monday Night Raw paying attention to the timing of the show just to see what it would look like in TEW. I figured this might help some other people booking sports entertainment style companies (like USPW or SWF in C-Verse). I needed to do this for myself due to not watching this show very much anymore. So here's the breakdown:


12 minute: Opening 2v1 + GM who books main event

10 minute: Match 1v1 - Regular (often this spot could also be an all-out or show stealer)

2 minute: Backstage segment

3 minute: Rivalry hype video

1 minute: Backstage title match hype

2 minute: Pre-match time

4 minute: Match 1v1 / Calm Crowd (might not have been intended but it did)

1 minute: Post-match highlights

1 minute: Post match interview on entrance ramp

9 minute: In-ring promo 1v1 CEO and Babyface trade words

2 minute: Video recap title match hype

5 minute: Six entrances before 6-person mixed tag

8 minute: 6-person mixed tag / Storytelling

2 minute: Backstage GM discuss title match with CEO

6 minute: In-Ring promo championship ceremony interrupted leading to brawl

1 minute: Backstage injured worker told not to fight by ally

2 minute: Video ppv recap

2 minute: Backstage heels hype main event

5 minute: Pre-Match attack on heel champion's ally

5 minute: Title match DQ Finish after interference / Storytelling

3 minute: Post-Match attack on challenger by interfering worker

2 minute: Earlier tonight rivalry promo highlights

1 minute: Worker surprisingly appears

1 minute: Video game hype commercial

9 minute: In-ring promo manager hypes client

3 minute: Women's match 1v1 / Storytelling

2 minute: Post-Match attack on injured worker and save

1 minute: Backstage injured worker in trainer room

(Really just 15 seconds but with show buttons and announcers talk it's a minute)

5 Minute: Pre-Match Promo Babyface team mock heel team and their manager

6 minute: Tornado Tag Match Main Event 2v2 / Wild Brawl (?)

12 minute: Confrontation; sneak attack on babyface by the CEO's ally


There you have it. How this yesterday's Raw would look like booked in TEW. Hope this helps some people in booking this type of product.


Looked to be about 41 minutes of wrestling (incl. pre-match non-wrestling time) + 91 minutes of non-wrestling segments + about 48 minutes of total commercial break time throughout the 3 hours

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<p>I noticed you regarded a few matches as "storytelling"</p><p>

Since the game only insists on one storytelling match, would it work the same as marking a match as "regular"?</p><p>

Or does calling it StoryTelling make a difference in the way TEW sees/rates the matches?</p>

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<p>Right. The thing is the game only insists on 1 storytelling match but since your fans like that type of match having more is great.</p><p> </p><p>

Realistically most of WWE's tv midcard matchesare Storytelling.</p><p> </p><p>

The difference between storytelling and something like wild brawls or high spot matches is you can use it as much as you want and at any point in the show with no penalty.</p>

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<p>Exactly.</p><p> </p><p>

Oh and I would add that basically everyone in each segment would be rated on Entertainment.</p><p> </p><p>

The only exceptions would be:</p><p>

Austin Aires = Microphone (Nese interview)</p><p>

Braun Strowman opening segment = Menace</p><p>

Brock Lesnar = Overness</p><p>

Jinder Mahal and Rusev = Overness</p><p>

Roman Reigns = Overness</p><p>

Samoa Joe = Overness (you can make an argument for Menace)</p><p>

Seth Rollins final segment = Entertainment/Selling (the brawl bit was about selling for Joe)</p><p>

And obviously Video Recaps are based on Overness</p>

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