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World Tracker - The Minor Leagues

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This diary will follow the respective event histories of four companies with a larger focus on tracking the overall growth of the companies as they chase their individual goals.


Bellator MMA - the goal in booking for Bellator is to create the secondary big league, and if possible, to surpass the Ultimate Fighting Championship as the number one mixed martial arts organization in the world. Keys to booking Bellator will be: talent sharing among the smaller in order to find the 'best of the rest' and build homegrown stars, picking up UFC releases and free agent possibilities, and capitalizing on the overseas markets by holding more shows internationally and building stars in foreign markets.


WSOF - the goal in booking WSOF is similar to that of Bellator's but on a smaller scale. Building the roster around a set of long-lasting champions in order to become the number one regional league, developing some international stars but mostly identifying the top American talent and providing them with the development opportunity on a larger stage before making the jump to the UFC. At some point will look to pass Bellator and effectively switch positions. Keys here will be developing a roster of homegrown stars and managing their contracts in a way that will avoid overpaying but increase retention of top end of roster.


One FC - the goal in booking OneFC is to become the number one Asian promotion and develop Asian talent as well as smaller talent (lower weight classes). Picking up former UFC competitors to put over homegrown talent, the booking strategy will be similar to that of WSOF but instead will have a greater split of focus between homegrown Asian stars and international talent.


KSW - the goal in booking KSW is simple: retain Europe's top spot and start growing into an international powerhouse. Booking KSW will be built around breaking into the mainstream market in other regions and developing an international presence in hopes of eventually competing with Bellator (and later, the UFC).


In order to keep track of this diary (for my own sake) I will be posting based on a schedule. If you want to know what to expect, this order of events will generally be the one to followed (unless there are some one-off developments that I feel the need to post about, this will mostly be a barebones diary that is statistic based instead of story-based; the emphasis will be on the movement of the game world rather than the individual development). Posting schedule will be based on quarterly updates of the game world:


- (on-going throughout quarter) Wiki-stye Event Recaps - injuries, event context, any special events considering the fights, post-fight bonuses, etc.

- (quarterly) Individual Company & Overall World Rankings Update

- (quarterly) Employment Updates - hirings / firings / retirements for the four companies

- (quarterly) Event Line-Up - four companies' scheduled events with main events

- (quarterly) Wrap-Up - context regarding the diary, where the companies stand, essentially an industry report
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