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Perfect Charity Blossom 2017


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I feel a bit weird mentioning this here, since I'm not sure whether anyone might have an interest. But I just wanted to say that I'm the organizer of a small charity event, in the vein of AGDQ or Extra Life, called Perfect Charity Blossom, which starts March 1st.


It's an event in which people play (and stream) "bullet hell" shmups - like Ikaruga, Touhou, Jamestown, etc. to raise money for the Childs Play Charity. It's not exactly in line with Grey Dog's games, but this has become one of my all time favorite forums, so I wanted to share the fun.


Anyway, I'm letting people know now in case they might be interested in taking part and streaming. Any additional info is at my site http://neoncheetahs.com/pcb


And if this falls afoul of any rules, then I totally apologize. I didn't see anything about not advertising.

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