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Mods Question

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Hi all,


I had to delete my RW database as had a corruption so had to start over and reinstall the databases however I'm struggling to find the mod that had specific angles which included the show opening angles, they had show opening with fireworks etc.


If anyone knows which mods contained these angles that would be greatly appreciated!


Many thanks guys!!

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I would just like to add there was angles included like 'Extended Entrance 1', 'Diva Adult Magazine Promo' and 'Enters w/ Lowrider' etc that I now cant find on any mod I try. I'm not knocking the Mods at all but just wandered what happened to these angles.


Also I would like to say I have noticed of the angles provided not many seem to allow success or defeat of a wrestler, many of them are set at neutral so angles that involve an attack etc don't seem to help any wrestler anymore.


I do love the game and appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the mods especially the WCW mods, they tend to be my personal favourites.


Anyway thanks for reading this and help would be greatly appreciated!

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