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[HYPE] Kaged Cosmos

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This work in progress is a fantasy mod being developed by yours truly.

As we are still in the early stages, I don't have too much information to give out aside from a summary of my intentions.

The mod is set in an alternate reality of every reality that already exists (my funny way of saying its brand new). The characters you see, and the workers you see, may sometimes resemble a character or person from a different form of media. My inspiration has been drawn from various parts of television, cinema, comic books, pro wrestling, and so on. The work put into the ThunderVerse and the RockVerse and other budding flowers in the fantasy mod realm had truly inspired me to start my own fantasy world. This is the result, and I hope to be able to share this journey with anyone who wants to come along for the ride.






The only major fork in the road I can see is that I'm not yet capable of providing graphics of any sort for the mod. While I can envision my characters and the promotions and so on, I can not quite bring them to life visually. Let that be a PSA to any talented graphic worker who perhaps wouldn't mind taking a look at my work as it progresses and help me develop the visual side of this mod.

As far as the mod-making goes, I've already put quite a bit of work into developing a game world that I think will stand on its own two feet. Thanks for reading up to this point if you did, and thanks for whatever bit of interest you may have. :D


More information is obviously still to come! :D

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