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Zombie Apocalypse Wrestling Diary or Youtube series

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I was going to produce this as a mod but think it would work better just as a save in a real world mod.


The idea is to run a company as heavily scripted and fictional as Lucha Underground except it is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Based in the south of England, UK a large survivor colony controlling a chunk of the country decide its politics and law & order with wrestling. The programme is heavily storyline based playing out like fictional tv with monumental character decisions decided by wrestling matches. That and there's always the threat of zombies attacking at every show.


There would be two champions, The Commander, this is the man in charge of the colony and can be placed on the line when ever someone challenges their authority. The second the is The Zombie Feeder. A more police like role, if someone does anything drastically wrong they will go in a match with this champion, the loser will be fed to the zombies.


The promotion would be setup to broadcast a weekly one hour show exclusively to an app. Supercards (like PPVs but free on the app) will take place four to five times a year. The app would be a bit size version of what the Network does for the WWE. All content as well as old shows and exclusive material would go here. The show would be filmed on a set so will take place from the same arena each week.


The biggest difference to other companies however is the amount of actors the fed would hire. The wrestlers would be surrounded by professional unknown actors as the storylines would demand such a high level of acting skill. The storylines are mainly built up of actors with the wrestlers being the main characters. The wrestlers are the stars with the professional actors mixed in to make the in-ring talent look good.


This is something that I don't think is done often (I couldn't see any LU diaries) so wondered if it would be something people would be interested in.


If so shall I make as a Diary or a Youtube Series?


Also before I start I need help in creating actors. All the wrestlers will be from a real world mod, but so I can't cheat and just have a load of actors with an actor level of 100 I'd like anyone intrested to cast me actors. I’ll give details closer to the time.



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