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The Ultimate Outlaw

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The Year is 2017

Donald Trump has been president for only a few months and already he's scaring people. Banning importation of all people of brownish skin color. While a full blooded American born here, I am a man of Bengali descent and so I must fire up the time machine and go back. Back to a simpler time, where Kayfabe was still strong, tolerance was higher, and the National Wrestling Alliance still governed the world of professional wrestling.


Fast Forwar-er Backward to 1985

Nobody here would ever believe me to be a time traveler. Being a thin mark with limited skill doesn't help my reputation either. Lost and alone in the 80's with nowhere to go, I scraped up a few funds from an old family friend who it took hours of lecturing and pleading to get him to believe my story. And even with the 250,000 I've obtained, the NWA still won't let me run a promotion under their banner. I guess it's time to build new company. An Outlaw to fight the oppressive regime of the National Wrestling Alliance...The Ultimate Outlaw.

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