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Firepro Wrestling Auction Draft Tournament


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Im looking to do a simmed tournament on fire pro wrestling. I would like it to be either 6 man or 8 man tag matches with 32 teams. The teams are definitely going to be made up of all available wrestlers of current day and the past from just about every major promotion. We could also add in characters from comic books and fighting games if you guys wanted to spice things up that way (Ill make sure that everything is as balanced as possible if we do throw those guys in with wrestlers).


The way this will work is each wrestler is assigned a point value. For instance, Brock Lesnar would cost 5 points while James Ellsworth would be 1. Each drafter would be able to pick their entire team at once, constrained only by previous peoples picks (no duplicates) and their budget. The budget will allow for some strategy and decision making. For instance, if you pick up Lesnar youll have to offset his high cost with a midcard or lower midcard guy that could become a liability for your team. If you opt to not go for a god tier guy, your team could be more well rounded, but lack that one dominant game changer.


Once all the teams have been put together, i plan on commentating over the matches on youtube. The matches will definitely be elimination style, but im open on the exact match type.


So, what i need from whoever is interested:


1. 6 or 8 man tag?

2. Strictly wrestlers or wrestlers and comic book/video game/movie characters

3. Match type? (In firepro you have the option of normal tag, cage deathmatch with weapons and barbed wire deathmatch where the ropes are barbed wire and a timed explosion can be set. The last 2 require tornado/no tagging while normal can be tornado or tags.

4. Any other suggestions?


Ill be looking to get this going in the next couple of days and start recording the tournament as soon as the auction concludes.

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