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WWE A Real New Era By Chaps

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Its six days away from Raws Fastlane PPV on the road the WrestleMania XXXIII and there is breaking news Vince McMahon has given control of the WWE to a random fan in a draw on WWE.COM and the winner is a Canadian by the name of Eric Stevens and effective immediately he is now the head of the company and has full control over creative and his first order of business was to shorten raw to two hours! and to eliminate the Network shows Main Event and shockingly the new show 205 Live!, Stevens explained in a press confrence that he did this because he wants the Cruiserweights to not stand alone and to be treated like any other division and will remain a staple of Raw, He also Announced that we need to focus on the future of the company and not rely on names from the past so as of now Goldberg will not be facing Kevin Owens at Fastlane and on Raw we will have a fatal four way Elimination match to decide the Number one contender for the Universal Championship and face Owens at Fastlane it will be The Returning Finn Balor! vs Rusev vs Chris Jericho vs Samoa Joe
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First Raw Of The New Era: Monday Week One March


Opening Segment: General Manger Mick Foley is out and he tells the crowed he is proud to be under new management and that as of this morning he has found out he alone is in control of Monday night raw! And his first order of Business is going to be booking a match between Sami Zayn and Nevile and if Sami Wins the match at Fastlane for Nevile's title will become a triple threat match, He then says his signature "Have A Nice Day" as his Music Hits and he walks off.

This lasted 8 Minutes and Got a rating of 62

Segment 2 Nevile vs Sami Zayn: The match lasted 13 minutes (15 if Entrances are included) and highlights from it include, Sami to open the match charges at Nevile and tries to hit the Heluva Kick! but Nevile rolls out of the way and he goes leg first into the turnbuckle and right away he hits the ground in pain garbing his leg it looks like now Nevile has a target, later in the match after Sami hits Nevile with a forearm as he is on the second rope he then tries to hit a springboard DDT but his leg gives out end he crashes into the mat giving Nevile and chance to hit a frog splash for a close two count, later Nevile is working Sami's leg and gets him in a one legged Boston Crab but Sami gets to the ropes but Nevile tries to pull Sami back to the middle of the ring but Sami kicks him off with his good leg but unknown to Sami he just kicked Nevile into the ref and he is down and now Sami is up favoring his one good leg and Nevile charges at him but Sami counters with a Blue Thunder Bomb! he has him covered for long enough to get a three count but since the ref is down there is no count Sami then lets go of the Pin and goes to try and get the ref up but before he can Somoa Joe is in the Ring and kicks Sami in the bad leg sending him to his knees he then grabs Sami and hits him with a jack knife power bomb he then pulls Nevile on top of Sami and Wakes up the ref 1. 2. 3! Nevile wins and at Fastlane he still only has to face Jack Gallagher in a one on one match thanks to Joe! this match got a rating of 64

Segment 3: Backstage Jerry Lawler is with Rusev for a interview and Lawler asks Rusev what his plan is for the main event and Rusev tells him that he is going to do what he always dose, and that is crush! and After he is threw the Likes of Balor he will be put back on the shelf and he is going to wish he never came back. this segment lasted 5 minutes and got a 71

Segment 4: we have a surprise match as we here Emma's old music hit and she is making her way to the ring and the ring announcer says it is going to be Emma vs a local wrestler the match did not go long as it only lasted 3 minutes (5 with entrances) and was a one sided bout the ended when Emma locks in the Emma lock for the win, this match got a rating of 37

Segment 5: a hype package is played hyping up the return of Finn Balor and it shows were everything started with his injury at Summerslam to Rollins and his long road to recovery up to now and at the end he promises that he is going to reclaim the title that he never lost, this segment lasted 7 whole minutes and got a rating of 73

Segment 6: next is a match between The Club and the Golden Truth this match did not go long as you would expect it lasted 6 minutes (8 with entrances) it would have been shorter but it seamed like The Club wanted to toy with The Golden Truth and make them suffer hitting many high impact moves even shockingly Gallows hit Truth with a pile driver! but he did not even go for the cover as he and Anderson went into the ring then finally hit a magic killer for the win. this match got a rating of 57

Segment 7: Bo Dallas vs Xavier Woods this match was one that you would not expect to go to long but it did it went 16 minutes (18 with entrances) highlights from the match include, Xavier counters a german suplex buy Bo lands on his feet then hits Bo with a Springboard cross body for a one count,after Dallas rolls to the outside Woods goes to the top rope tries to hit him with another cross body but Dallas gets out of the way and Woods goes face first into the Barricade, Latter Bo gets Woods up and goes for a Bo dog but Woods stops him mid air a gives him a back suplex neck first into the turn buckle, then the end of the match came he blocked a dropkick and when Bo sat up he hits him right away with a Shinning Wizard for the win!, this match got a rating of 45

Segment 8: Backstage now it is Jericho's turn to be interviewed he says when Owens backstabed him at the festival of friendship he felt like his own brother abandoned him and left him to the wolfs but what Owens did not expect was for him to fight back, for him to make him feel the pain he felt that night and no matter who Owens has by his side no one is going to stop him from making him suffer. this lasted 6 minutes and got a rating of 75

Seg 9: Bayley is back stage talking to Sasha about how excited she is to be able to have her first match on a raw ppv as womans champion but Sasha tells her that she knows that she may feel confident but when it comes to Charlotte at ppv's she knows from personal experience that your dreams can and will be put on hold and then Bayley then thanks Sasha for the advice and then walks off looking defeated as Sasha looks like she has a smug smile on her face, this segment lasted 4 minutes and got a rating of 53

Seg 10: Noam Dar vs Rich Swann, this match went on for 9 minutes (11 with entrances) highlights from the match include, Dar starting of the match by rolling outside of the ring and giving Alica Fox a kiss but then right when he reenters the ring Swann immediately then kicks Dar right in the head for a close 2 count, later Dar grabs Swann and gives him two quick strikes to the knee he then runs against the ropes and on his way back to Swann he ducks and Dar rebounds and then gets hit with a massive Enzuigiri for another two count then Alica Fox is on the apron and as Swann goes to confront her she grabs him and kisses him? he then after turns around and gets hit with a Running Enzuigiri 1. 2. 3! Dar gets then win by the works of Alica Fox, this match got a rating of 35

Seg 11: Before our main event we have one more interview and that is with Samoa Joe, Joe is asked about if he wins and he faces Owens what is going to happen as we know him and Owens are both in good with Triple H and Joe tells him that he has no idea what he is talking about all he is going to do is win this match and then at Fastlane we will see what happens, this lasted 4 minutes and got a 60

Main Event: Finn Balor vs Rusev vs Chris Jericho vs Samoa Joe in an Elimination match the first person to make there entrance is Balor and he is in full Demon paint and the crowed is loving it! Corry Graves makes note that the only time that Balor has lost a match with his Demon persona was at Nxt Takeover The End and it was to another man that is in this match Samoa Joe, Next is Rusev and he looks as in the zone as you might ever see him as he enters the ring he dose nothing but continues to give his death glare, Balor is not threatened by this as the camera cuts to him and he has a smirk on his face, Next person out is Chris Jericho but before he can even make it to the ring Joe comes charging from behind him and he knocks him down and hits him with a jackknife power bomb on the ramp in the confusion Rusev attacks Balor from behind as he is distracted but this dose not stop Balor for long as he retaliates and knocks Rusev down with a slingblade as Rusev then rolls out of the ring then who else has entered the ring but the man who beat him for the NXT Championship Samoa Joe the start off with a stare down but then they lock up and that ends with Balor trying to role Joe up but Joe is to heavy so Joe grabs Balor's arm and drops down on it then as Joe sees Balor on the ground thriving in pain he comes to the realization that that arm is the same arm that was injured and kept him out of action for all those months and he start to stomp on Finn's shoulder and starts putting on a verity of submissions holds targeting the right shoulder of Balor but then Jericho for the first time in the match enters the ring and gives Joe a kick in the back but Joe just turns looking unphased by the strike Jericho just gave him and as Jericho starts laying in punches Joe just shoves Jericho to the ground no problem and hits a rolling Senton 1. 2. and Balor breaks up the pin, Saxton on comentrey asks why would Balor do that its an Elimanation match and Graves responds by saying he knows it is easier to take Joe out if he has Jerichos help, Joe then starts unloading more punches into Finn but Rusev runs in and trys to ram shoulder first into Joe it dose to work and the two start brawling and that ends when he hits an uppercut on Rusev sending him stagering to the ropes then before Joe can continue Jericho gets up and hits a codebreaker but Joe is still up and Rusev hits him with a superkick to the back of the head finally sending Joe to the ground 1. 2. KICKOUT then Balor is back on his feat him, Rusev and Jericho all look at each other and Jericho points at the corner and starts signaling Balor to go up to the top rope he dose at hit a Coup de Grâce they all go on top of joe for the cover 1. 2. 3! Joe has finally been eliminated now it is down to Rusev, Jericho and Balor, after they all get up Rusev hits another superkick to the back of someones head this time its to Jericho he then locks in The Accolade and After a while of trying to tough it out Jericho has no choice but to tap out! Jericho has been eliminated and now we are down to the final two Rusev and Balor, Right away Rusev Irish whips Balor into the corner and starts beat on him and starts to choke him out as there is no DQ in this match then all of the sudden we hear The Clubs Music play they are sprinting to the ring and once they enter it is an all out war! but the numbers game gets to Rusev as they pick him up and hit him with a magic kill Balor then crawls over for the cover 1. 2. 3! IT IS GOING TO BE BALOR VS OWENS THIS SUNDAY AT FASTLANE, then the club helps Balor gets helped to his feet by Gallows and Anderson and they both offer him a too sweat and he accepts what dose this shocking new development mean for Sunday? dose this mean Balor has turned his back on the fans I guess we are going to have to find out at Fastlane! the main event got a rating of 74 and overall the show got a rating of a 71 it had 10 989 people in attendance and had a 17.51 Television rating

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Championship Lineage


RAW Championships

WWE Universal Championship

Current Champion: Kevin Owens, Days held 183 Days+

Past Champions


United States Championship

Current Champion: Chris Jericho, Days held 50 Days+

Past Champions


Raw Womans Championship

Current Champion: Bayley, Days held 15 Days+

Past Champions


WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Current Champion: Neville, Days held 30 Days+

Past Champions


Raw Tag Team Championship

Current Champions: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, Days held 30+

Past Champions


SmackDown Championships

WWE Championship

Current Champion: Bray Wyatt, Days held 17+

Past Champions


WWE Intercontinental Champion

Current Champion: Dean Ambrose, Days held 57+

Past Champions


SmackDown Women's Championship

Current Champion: Alexa Bliss, Days held 8+

Past Champions


SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Current Champions: Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, Days held 64+

Past Champions


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