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WWF Booking Reality

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So I have been booking every RAW and WWF PPV exactly how it was on TV and documenting the results.


I knew there would be times when I would have to use some artistic licencing, such as the time I sent Marty Janntey to rehab and then realised I needed him when the 'NEW Rockers formed'. Other than that everything has gone pretty smoothly.


So I finished up 1996 today and compiled all of the results into a pdf which can be downloaded below. The pdf contains screenshots of all RAW and PPV results for 1996 and also includes all mid year award predications and actual end of year awards plus some other screenshots such as the effects the King of the Ring had on Austin's popularity and the Rocky Maivia effect from the final RAW of 1996.


I am going to carry on with 1997 and will update with the results once im done.


1996 - PDF

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