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Current multiplayer game

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Few months before I posted a thread about multiplayer I wanted to get going.

We are already in the game and so far it is really fun. +/- with little breaks we are active.

We are looking for more players, though!

If you are interested, just send me PM.

Original thread:HERE

->We are looking for active people

->They would have harder game than other

- The thing is, that we are already in the game. Depending on how many players would join, I could decide how new players can get some workers(Maybe every already existing company would have to give up random worker). But that is subject of future.

->We are looking for friendly people.

- So far, people I am with in the game are very friendly.

->You need to respect others

- By that I mean, that we are from totally other countries and timezones, so some rounds take more time just because of that.

->Take it semi-seriously

- We are not looking for people that are going to troll this. "Hard-try" players that are interested are welcome, but still have to keep game friendly.

->We have some rules, that have to be respected.

- Actually there is probably only one important. Max. lenght of contract can be 3 years!


Pictures of current game -> HERE



Any interest is welcome :)

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