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ASCWverse [Alpha, V0.1]

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Hey chaps and chapettes, been a while since I've frequented these here parts.


So, as ye olden folk may be aware, back in TEW2010, I used to run a 0/0/0/0 game/promotion. Loved it, talked about it incessantly in EVERY THREAD EVER. Since the release of TEW2013, I was of course put out that my favourite game could not be continued, and set myself the project of converting across the data into an actual playable database.


Fast forward to 2017 and another new version of the game. It still hasn't happened, as much as I've been sloooowly plugging at that.


However, lately, reviewing my to-dos and what needed to be done, I had the exciting realisation that I was better than halfway through modding all the workers in the data. I'd actually done a lot of the hard work already.


On the other hand, I've also been working on the data on and off for something like 4 years, and it's occurred to me just proof-reading that a one-woman job is likely to accrue some errors.


So, what I'm looking for is a small team to lay a fresh pair of eyes on the data just to ensure there aren't any blatant mistakes or major issues.



What this dataset is:


- A fun AU scenario derived from a 0/0/0/0 game from the old school 2010 data.

- An effort to increase the number of workers around, both original characters and next generation workers.

- An effort to build an interesting gameworld based off the simulated happenings all around the game data over a 9 year period of active play.

- Completely self indulgent.


What it isn't:


- Playable. Only one company has a completed roster with a handful more mostly populated. I have been updating workers alphabetically, not by company.

- An original scenario. As mentioned, it's based off a gamesave.

- Logical. The AI moves in mysterious ways, and has made many weird and wonderful booking decisions.




So, if any of this strikes your interest, I'm looking for 2-3 people just to look over the data and see if they can see anything majorly awry. I can provide more details in thread/via private message.



To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, errors and 'good to haves';


Discrepancies between biographies and game state, for example, specifying Abattoir had left DIW but having him still employed by them.


Missing relationships (one worker is the son of another, was not listed as a blood relative).


I've not had the opportunity to update body type for many wrestlers circa 2017 adding this feature.


Some movesets are not properly applied.


So, if it makes sense, pure worker related matters. Title histories, promotion descriptions, PPV/TV deals are all to be updated once the data is a lil bit more cohesive.


Hit me up, and good to be back on the forums :)

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