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Previous modmakers ideas

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I had an idea for what I think would be an extremely interesting alternate universe.


A real world mod but reversed in time.


So for example you would start with say people who debuted within the last 10 years and people would debut backwards.


Obviously you would have to cut the amount of time because say the rock debuted in 95 that would be 10 years from starting point and hulk hogan, savage etc even longer, but you could change the ratios for debuts to something like 3 months every year.


You could then also have companies to start when they went out of business at the pop they had when they went out of business. Also have narratives which increase/decrease finances of these, or lower popularity (especially WWE)


I don't know what other people think but I think it would be very interesting. Would HBk and Bret rise to the top when you already have rock/hogan/angle/Goldberg/cena/lesnar etc would the more current wrestler end up being bigger stars because they aren't held back by older stars. I'd love to see it.


For people who have already made older mods and have recent ones too, a lot of workers who arento debut could be imported making the job not as big as starting from scratch

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