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[HYPE] The KTT Joshi Real World update

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So let me preface this with this is my first attempt at making a mod good enough for release, i am a long time TEW player that has frequently made my own mods or edits to other peoples work for personal use but not once have i ever uploaded anything and as is probably to be expected this will be a learning curve for me and i'll hopefully learn as i go so patience is appreciated.


Anyway, boring stuff out of the way, I am looking to create a mod that properly captures the joshi scene in wrestling right now, which is imo the best it has been in years.


The mod will feature all Joshi promotions with TV coverage (basically anything i can/have watched), all joshi wrestlers and gaijins that frequently work for joshi promotions.


My aim with this is to create something that people can just add to their own games and if it is good enough then perhaps for RW mod makers to be able to add it to their mods.


I am just in the early stages of creating this, so no release date at this point but once i make some real progress i will be looking to release a beta.

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