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Wrestlemania 33 had just taken place and a meeting was called on Monday afternoon that was mandatory for everyone to be there. Vince McMahon briefly mentioned that he was not exactly happy with some performances and the ratings they were drawing. While not everyone knew what he would do about it, it caused everyone to be on their toes since it was around this time the usual cutting took place.


Weeks went by without much change on-screen, and very few didn't see change behind the scenes. However, Vince and Triple H were planning some overhauls that would see the daylight in the coming months.


By the middle of May, wrestling news websites appeared to be having updates almost hourly with rumors circulating.




Diamond Dallas Page had signed a special contract where he would do weekly yoga classes at the performance center. Part of his deal would be helping with training and dieting, and working with superstars with addictions.


Steve Austin also signed a new deal where he would still be doing his own thing, but would make his way to the performance center and NXT to scout talent, give points, and help build new stars.


Shawn Michaels finally agreed to be a regular trainer at the performance center and help produce some segments at NXT, but will not be traveling with the brand.


Paul Heyman signed a contract extension beyond Brock Lensar's contract that will allow him to have a bigger influence with creative on the Raw brand. Stephanie McMahon and Michael Hayes will have control of creative on the Smackdown brand. Triple H wasn't too strong on the idea, but he knows that competition will bring out the best in the company.



Paul Heyman wanted the company to work social media differently and was given the green light to push a few ideas. Trying something different, different vignettes were being posted online to tease something special. Paul was hoping they would bring anticipation that had been lost and for fans to 'wonder-what's-next' mindset.


Some vignettes were not even mentioned by the company officially off their website, any twitter account, or any official WWE social media page. This was being done to get fans wondering if it's true or fake, and the only way to find out is to tune it.


The first vignette appeared on May 3, 2017 via youtube from a user named, "20216AT06VSAL". Fans were encouraged to crack the code and if anyone were able, they would receive free tickets to Wrestlemania 34. The video were clips of the beach, people working out, girls skating in the sun, girls looking through clothes at some store, then you hear girls laughing with the youtube username ending in matrix style.


Some wrestlers with a strong online presence began talking about it and through out wild guesses.

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