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SWF 16 Regaining The Top Spot

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This diary is going to be of a game I have been running for 4 months game time. It has been a fun casual game that I have really had a lot of fun playing. I will post the results here in text format with a link to the YouTube stream for my commentary on the shows. Looking forward to your feedback.
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Main Event

Angry Gilmore

Jack Bruce

Marat Khoklov



Skull DeBones

The Crippler


Upper Midcard

Brandon James

Eric Eisen

Frederique Antonio Garcia

James Prudence

Jefferson Stardust

Joey Morgan

Jungle Lord

Paul Huntingdon

Randy Wolf (formerly Bumfole)

Squeaky McClean


Captain Atomic

Dean Waldorf

Des Davids

Greg "Bling" Black

Hollywood Bret Starr

Huey Cannonball

Jimmy Hernandez

Joe Sexy

John Greed

Marshall Dillon

Marv Statler

Mikey Lau

Robbie Retro

Sammy Smoke

Steven Parker

Lower Midcard

Greg Gauge

Hell's Bouncer

Kirk Jameson

Monty Trescarde

Oliver Kobb

Prototype Primus Allen

Ricky DeColt


Air Attack Weasel

Bulldozer Brandon Smith


Masked Patriot

Spencer Space

Enhancement Talent

David Wayne Newton

Jamie Atherton



BJ O'Neill managing Oliver Kobb

Hannah managing Valiant

Krissy Angelle managing Brandon James

Kristen Pearce managing Monty Trescarde & Sammy Smoke


Tag Teams

Cool Canadians

Davids & Black

Dillon & Morgan

Gauge & Prudence

Hero Squad

High Stakes

Masters of Money

Southern Comfort

The A List

The All-Americans

The Awesomeness

The Platinum Blondes

The Ring Generals

Weasel & Greed



None right now



SWF World Heavyweight: Angry Gilmore

SWF North American: Valiant

SWF TV: Robbie Retro

SWF World Tag Team: The Ring Generals


TV Shows:

SWF Supreme TV on Tuesdays

SWF Uprising on Saturdays


Event Schedule:

SWF When Hell Freezes Over

SWF Nothing to Lose

SWF Awesome Impact

SWF The World is Watching

SWF Master of Puppets

SWF Times of Trouble

SWF The Supreme Challenge

SWF Welcome to the Jungle

SWF Under Control

SWF Let the Games Begin

SWF Break Like the Wind

SWF Christmas Clash

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<p>Click the link here for the show commentary on my YouTube Channel.</p><p>


</p><div class="ipsEmbeddedVideo"><div><iframe width="200" height="113" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/SmQWQQysq4I?feature=oembed" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" title="TEW 16 - SWF - Regaining The #1 Spot - Ep1"></iframe></div></div><p> </p><p>

<strong>Quick Results:</strong></p><p> </p><p>


Greg Gauge defeated Masked Patriot - D+</p><p>

Steven Parker defeated Ekuma - C-</p><p>

Jimmy Hernandez & Mikey Lau defeated Ricky DeColt & Robbie Retro, Cool Canadians, Eric Eisen & Joe Sexy in a Fat 4-Way - C+</p><p>

ANGLE: Kristen Shoots T-Shirts - C-</p><p>

Brandon James defeated Randy Wolf - B-</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Main Show</strong></p><p>

ANGLE: Jack Bruce discusses Champ Gilmore, Remo, and Rogue - A</p><p>

Sammy Smoke defeated Oliver Kobb - C-</p><p>

ANGLE Angelle Hypes Brandon James vs DeBones - B</p><p>

Masters of Money defeated Davids & Black - B</p><p>

ANGLE: Masters of Money & Prototype beat down Black & Davids - C+</p><p>

ANGLE: Team Gilmore vs Team Remo Music Video (Hype for Main Event) - A</p><p>

Hell's Bouncer defeated Mad Dog Mortimer - D</p><p>

ANGLE: Gilmore hypers match against Remo - A+</p><p>

The Platinum Blondes defeated The Awesomeness, Dillon & Morgan, and Hero Squad - B</p><p>

The Ring Generals defeated Weasel & Greed to retain the SWF World Tag Team Titles - C-</p><p>

ANGLE: Marat Khoklov cuts a promo on his past rivalry with Skull DeBones and how he went over at the last PPV. - A</p><p>

ANGLE: Jack Bruce cuts a promo after making his way down to the ring for the 6 man tag match main event. - B+</p><p>

Remo, Rogue, and Crippler defeat Angry Gilmore, Jack Bruce, and Valiant with outside interference help. - A</p><p>

ANGLE: Andrew Wolf (Wolf Hawkins) stands over Jack Bruce who he just knocked out with Angry Gilmore, and Valiant also laid out in the ring. - A+</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>NOTES:</strong> </p><p>

Was building to a Jack Bruce and Andrew Wolf feud.</p><p> </p><p>

Jack Bruce injured for 12 months with a Torn Meniscus</p><p>

John Greed injured for 30 days with a minor concussion</p><p>

Squeaky McClean injured for 30 days with a Broken Tail Bone</p>

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