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[HYPE] C-Verse 2020

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Hey Guys, I'm going to be doing a 2020 mod for TEW. I have been playing the game since TEW 2005. Which is about 3 years ago? Anyway, the mod will feature roster changes, title changes, new titles, and possibly new characters. I don't really have a set release date for it, but I will be posing updates everyday or so.


I will be creating art and such for the mod, and will be releasing a beta version as it nears completion. If you have any questions or submissions, please PM me, i'm nice I swear.



  • SWF
  • TCW
  • USPW
  • 21CW
  • RAW
  • Indy Companies
  • Workers
  • Belts & Belt Changes


Being Done

  • Australian Companies



Nothing yet :(

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