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WWE May 2017 - The Lonely War

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So Jericho at the start of the database is still the United States Champion. Unfortunately he is touring with Fozzy. Now I could of kept him as champ, but I'm very old school with certain rules, so I applied the one. The 30 day rule being the one I applied. So I vacated the title and put it up for grabs in an 8 man tournament. Braun Strowman isn't injured, so Braun VS Brock is happening. That's all the admin done with, so let's go.

Monday Night Raw Monday Week 1 May

So Raw opens with Braaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuun! Yeah out comes Braun Strowman. So Braun comes out and before saying anything a 'Thank You Strowman' chant breaks out. Braun sucks it all up and say, 'Last night I demolished Roman Reigns!' Crowd cheers and the 'Thank You Strowman' chant returns for about 20 seconds. Strowman smirks and continues, 'Now there is one goal I have left to achieve... Brock Lesnar I demand a Championship match!' Brock Lesnar's music plays, as he emerges with The Universal Championship slung over his right shoulder and Paul Heyman with a mic in hand to the left of him. Paul starts with his trademark, 'Ladies and gentleman my name is Paul Hey-' He is interrupted by Braun shouting down the mic, 'I don't give a rat's ass what your name is and what your job is. I just wanna know if your beast is ready to face me!' The sound of Raw general manager Kurt Angle's music plays, as he is met with the adoring fans singing of 'You suck!' He stands alongside Brock and Paul and says, 'Tonight we will determine who will be the number 1 contender to the Universal Championship. In tonight's main event you, Braun Strowman, will go one on one with a man who has impressed me with his hard work and dedication, The Big Show!' Segment ends with Angle's music played, whilst Strowman and Lesnar eye each other from a far.


We cut backstage to see Bayley standing alongside Charly Caruso. She says that Alexa Bliss lacks any respect for her fellow female competitors. She says that she will have her rematch at Extreme Rules in a tables match.


Commercial Break


A video plays, showing of expensive robes and flashes of a man. Fades to black. A piano starts to play a familiar tone.... GLORIOUS! The video hypes up NXT Champion Bobby Roode, who is coming soon to the red brand.


Cut to the ring where Titus O'Neil is standing with a referee, for his match. He speaks about the advantages of the 'Titus Brand.' He is interrupted by the music of 'The Kingslayer' Seth Rollins. They have a short 6 minute match. Titus gets in some offense, but Seth takes complete control and finishes off the Kingslayer. Celebrations are short lived however, as he's immediately attacked by Samoa Joe. Joe screams, 'We ain't done yet Seth!' He locks in the coquina clutch, until Seth eventually passes out. Joe stands tall.


Commercial Break


We return to see local competitors Ray Rosas and Mikael Vierge standing in the ring. Heath Slater and Rhyno's music blares out, as the duo are set to make their Raw debut's. They defeat the makeshift team in a quick 2 minute squash, with Rhyno pinning Rosas after a GORE!


Cut backstage to Samoa Joe standing with Charly Caruso. Joe taunts Seth. Calls him a paper player. Says without HHH Seth is nothing, no history or future. Says that Joe won't stop, until Seth is vanquished from the red show. He says that at Extreme Rules Seth will face his reckoning and he will redeem HHH's Wrestlemania loss and Stephanie's injury.


Commercial Break


The team of Emma and Dana Brooke make their way to the ring. They are then joined by the makeshift team of Mickie James and Sasha Banks. Mickie kayfabe injuries her right arm early on and plays the role of babyface in peril for the match. She eventually catches Dana with a neckbreaker after rolling out the back of a suplex attempt. Just when it looks like she's about to tag in Sasha, Sasha drops off the apron and backs away. While Mickie stares in shock at Sasha, Dana Brooke tags in Emma, who puts Mickie in the Emma Lock. Mickie eventually has to tap out. After the match Sasha gets in the ring and attacks Mickie. Getting a steel chair and attacking her right arm. Sasha Banks turns heel.


Commercial Break


Following the break there is a 6 man Cruiserweight division tag team match pitting Neville, The Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak VS Austin Aries, Rich Swann and Jack Gallagher. It's a 11 minute match with Neville eventually making Rich Swann tap out. Neville doesn't celebrate with The Brian Kendrick and Drew Gulak, as they are not truly worthy of celebrating with 'The King.'


We go to the back where Charly Caruso is joined by the Hardy Boyz who are talking about the recently heel turned Sheamaro. They call them cowardly for attacking them when their backs were turned. They say that Sheamaro are jealous of the success they have experienced. The say that attacking them does not simply give them a rematch and all they have done is piss them off. Matt promises at the end of the interview to 'DELETE' their title ambitions.


Commercial Break


Bo Dallas is standing in the ring and is awaiting the arrival of his opponent, Finn Balor. Before the match can even get going, the arena goes completely black apart from the titantron and a spotlight in the ring on Finn. Bray says, 'Finn Balor... The Demon King. Ha ha! You know when I was younger, Sister Abigail would tell me stories of this mythical creature. This mythical creature would raise out of the bayou man. Crawl over to anyone who approached it. Anyone who had no fear ha ha! He would make them fear. This creatures killed hundreds of my people's people. Do you know what this creature was called? Huh? Do you know Finn!? Do you know? It was called Rex Daemonium. Ha ha! Latin, for Demon King! I will avenge all those who suffered. All those who fell at Daemonium's feet. I will avenge them all... RUN!' Lights back on, Bo Dallas is tied up in the ropes, knocked out, wearing a sheep mask. Lights out again. Lights on again. Bo Dallas has disappeared. End of segment.


Commercial Break


Immediate cut to backstage to a downed Roman Reigns who is bleeding from the mouth, he being helped by paramedics and his former Shield brother Dean Ambrose. He is stretchered away into an ambulance and is taken to a nearby hospital.


The Miz, accompanied to the ring by his wife Maryse, comes to the ring for Miz TV with Intercontinental Champion and rival Dean Ambrose. Miz is mocking Ambrose and mentions the just injured Roman Reigns. Ambrose snaps and takes Miz by the scruff of his suit and says, 'Listen here you Hollywood prima Donna. You can wear as many fancy suits, stupid jackets and star in as many WWE Studio movies you like, you'll always be the guy who was the least important part of his Wrestlemania main event. And you'll always be the guy who only made it cause they could talk and smile on reality TV. You wanna prove to me that you're a real man? Take that jacket off, get your balls out of your wife's purse and fight me.' He then whales on Miz and hits him with Dirty Deeds, then throws Miz out the ring and picks back up the mic. He says, 'To whoever attacked my brotha Roman Reigns, I don't care who you are. Just know that I'll get you.' Drops mic and as he's leaving the ring, he's attacked with a ladder by the Miz. Skull Crushing Finale on the ladder, Miz picks up the Championship and stands tall.


Commercial Break


Weeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllll! It's The Big Show! It's time for tonight's main event. Braun Strowman VS The Big Show, to decide who the number 1 contender to Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship is. The match goes 13 minutes. It's a real brawl. A proper big man battle. Show get the upper hand and hits the chokeslam. 1,2, Strowman kicks out a 2 and a half. Show puts the straps down and balls up his fist, ready to deliver the knockout punch when Strowman rolls out of the ring. Show steps over the ropes and is on the apron, when Strowman catches him and hits him with the running powerslam on the outside. He rolls show back in the ring. Hits another running powerslam. 1,2,3. Braun Strowman is the number 1 contender.


Following the match Strowman and Lesnar face off, Lesnar on the apron and Strowman in the ring. It looks as if Strowman has backed down and he's left the ring, when Brock grabs a mic and shouts, 'If you're The Monster Among Men. Get your sorry ass back in this ring and fight me like a man!' Strowman rushes back into the ring and they just brawl. Clubbing away at each other like cavemen. Stiff punch, after stiff punch, after stiff punch. Eventually everyone on the Raw roster, barring the women, Seth, Joe, Roman, Miz, Ambrose, Neville, Bray and Bo, has to come out and split them apart. Raw ends with Brock and Heyman in the ring, whilst Braun is held back by everyone on the ramp.


End of RAW


So that's the first episode of Raw done. My first time at doing anything like this. Feedback would be much appreciated. Hope you enjoyed it and I hope to continue with this very soon.

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