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Let the War Begin! WCW 1995

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“You want a war you little arrogant prick? You’ve got a WAR!!”


He hung up, well, slammed the phone down, as I laughed at him. To anyone that has been watching, it was clear that the business had passed him by. Bastian Booger, “The Dumpster”, Mantaur!?! He may have been a genius, but he was clearly complacent. When he heard that I signed Hogan, I heard he was pissed. When we signed Savage, the same thing. But now, now we were coming for him and he felt threatened. I had primetime on TNT, Monday Nitro, going up against him head to head.


I instigated this war. I wanted this war. I begged Turner to give me the tools to fight this war. I got what I wanted. Now, I needed to win the war. I will not stop until I have taken down Vince McMahon and the WWF. I will not stop until WCW has ended the reign of WWF as the top company in the world. I am Eric Bischoff and the Monday Night Wars have begun.

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<p>Current Roster and Champions</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Monday, Week 1, September</span></strong></p><p> </p><p>

I had dreamed about this day for nearly two years. The very first WCW Monday Nitro. Hulk and I had just gotten through going over the finish of our first main event. Here is the card that we put together:</p><p> </p><p>

Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage vs The Shark & Kamala</p><p>

Ric Flair vs Sting</p><p>

WCW World Television Championship</p><p>

The Renegade© vs Johnny B. Badd</p><p> </p><p>

I may not like Ric Flair, but there is no denying that he can play an important part for us. I need to figure out a way to co-exist with that man. Putting him and Steve together on the first Nitro was a no-brainer should please our longtime fans. Hogan & Savage teaming together will bring in the casual audience. I think that everyone would agree with me when I say that The Renegade was a swing and a miss. It may be time to move on from him.</p><p> </p><p>

The truth is, I need to get a hot angle for Hogan. When he debuted, he was hot. Maybe not like we wanted, but we definitely saw an uptick in business when he was on the show. A little over a year later and I’m starting to hear some louder anti-Hogan sections in the crowd. If I can’t find a way to get him hot as a babyface again, I may have to bring up a heel turn to The Hulkster. </p><p> </p><p>

When I look at the roster, I see a big need for getting younger. Hogan, Flair, Savage, Luger, Duggan, Big Bubba, The Taskmaster, Arn Anderson…good god. I appreciate the value that they bring, but this group is at least 5 years past being at peak in-ring form. I needed to find some guys that can go out and put on 15-20 minute matches to keep the new generation fans happy. I’ve got my eyes on a few guys from AAA, NJPW and Smoky Mountain. ECW seems to have some guys that I can do something with. Here is a look at the roster:</p><p> </p><p>

Main Event</p><p>

<span style="color:#0000FF;">Faces:</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Hulk Hogan</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Sting</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Randy Savage</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Lex Luger</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Road Warrior Hawk</span></p><p>

<span style="color:#FF0000;">Heels:</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Ric Flair</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

The Giant</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Big Bubba Rogers</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Meng</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

The Taskmaster</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

The Shark</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">


<span style="color:#000000;"><strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Upper Midcard:</span></strong></span></p><p>

<span style="color:#0000FF;">Johnny B. Badd</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Brian Knobbs</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Jerry Sags</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Jim Duggan</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

The Renegade</span></p><p>

<span style="color:#FF0000;">Arn Anderson</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Brian Pillman</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Diamond Dallas Page</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Kamala </span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Kurasawa</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

VK Wallstreet</span></p><p>

<span style="color:#000000;"><strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Midcard</span></strong></span></p><p>

<span style="color:#0000FF;">Masahiro Chono</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Jushin Thunder Liger</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Eddie Guerrero</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Marcus Bagwell</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Scotty Riggs</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Alex Wright</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Cobra</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Dave Sullivan</span></p><p>

<span style="color:#FF0000;">Stevie Ray</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Booker T</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Dean Malenko</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Lord Steven Regal</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Earl Robert Eaton</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Bunkhouse Buck</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Dick Slater</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Disco Inferno</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Scott Norton</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Sabu</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Hugh Morrus</span></p><p>

<span style="color:#000000;"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>Lower Midcard</strong></span></span></p><p>

<span style="color:#0000FF;">Mr. JL</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Frankie Lancaster</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Joey Maggs</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Scott Armstrong</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Tim Horner</span></p><p>

<span style="color:#FF0000;">Ricky Santana</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Rip Rogers</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Sgt. Craig Pittman</span></p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><span style="color:#000000;">Openers</span></span></strong></p><p>

<span style="color:#0000FF;">Chris Kanyon</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Bob Starr</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Chuck Williams</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Mark Starr</span></p><p><span style="color:#0000FF;">

Julio Sanchez</span></p><p>

<span style="color:#FF0000;">Fidel Sierra</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Lt. James Earl Wright</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Terry Richards</span></p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><span style="color:#000000;">Managers</span></span></strong></p><p>

<span style="color:#0000FF;">Jimmy Hart</span></p><p>

<span style="color:#FF0000;">Col. Robert Parker</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Diamond Doll</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Sensuous Sherri</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">

Teddy Long</span></p><p><span style="color:#FF0000;">


<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Champions</span></strong></p><p>

<strong>WCW World Heavyweight Championship</strong> – Hulk Hogan</p><p>

<strong>WCW US Heavyweight Championship</strong> – Sting</p><p>

<strong>WCW World Tag Team Championship</strong> – Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater</p><p>

<strong>WCW World Television Championship</strong> – The Renegade</p>

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<p>Storylines</p><p> </p><p>

Here are our current storylines (Heat is in parentheses):</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Hulk Hogan vs The Dungeon of Doom (85)</span></strong></p><p>

Workers Involved:</p><p>

Hulk Hogan</p><p>


Randy Savage</p><p>

Lex Luger</p><p>

The Taskmaster</p><p>



The Shark</p><p>


The Giant</p><p>

The Master</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Tag Title feud (71)</span></strong></p><p>

Bunkhouse Buck</p><p>

Dick Slater</p><p>

Col. Robert Parker</p><p>

Sensuous Sherri</p><p>

Booker T</p><p>

Stevie Ray</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Lord Steven Regal vs Johnny B. Badd (-)</span></strong></p><p>

Lord Steven Regal</p><p>

Earl Robert Eaton</p><p>

Johnny B. Badd</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Hawk vs Kurasawa (66)</span></strong></p><p>

Road Warrior Hawk </p><p>

Kurasawa</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Sting vs Ric Flair (83)</span></strong></p><p>


Ric Flair</p><p>

Arn Anderson</p><p>

Brian Pillman</p>

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WCW Monday Nitro Week 1 September 1995


WCW Monday Nitro

Monday Week 1, September

St. Pete Times Forum (South East)

Attendance: 18,697



Chris Kanyon defeats Ricky Santana in 6:05 via pinfall with a Reverse Russian Leg Sweep

Mr. JL defeats Fidel Sierra in 7:17 via pinfall with a Top Rope Crossbody

Alex Wright defeats Rip Rogers in 6:21 via pinfall with a Bridging German Suplex

Sgt. Craig Pittman defeats Tim Horner in 5:57 via submission with the Code Red

Dean Malenko defeats Joey Maggs in 10:05 via submission with a Texas Cloverleaf

American Males defeat The State Patrol in 10:47 via pinfall when Bagwell pinned Parker with a Yellow Jacket Suplex


Main Show


After the opening pyro Sting makes his way to the ring and hypes up Monday Nitro and hypes up his match with Ric Flair (Rating: 83)


Ric Flair defeats Sting in 18:04 via rollup with his feet on the ropes after the referee was distracted by Brian Pillman and Sting was DDT’d by Arn Anderson (Rating: 83)


After the break, Road Warrior Hawk is out for an interview with Tony Schiavone when he is attacked from behind by Kurasawa. Kurasawa stomps Hawk to the ground and locks on the armbar until Col. Parker and WCW officials pull Kurasawa off of Hawk. Hawk rolls around on the ground, screaming in pure agony. (Rating: 66)


Diamond Dallas Page defeats The Renegade in 6:29 via pinfall after a Diamond Cutter. Page wins the WCW World Television Championship. (Rating: 60)

Backstage, Gene Okerlund is joined by The Mega Powers, Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage. Savage & Hogan talk about their upcoming match with Kamala & The Shark along with letting the rest of The Dungeon of Doom know that at Fall Brawl: War Games, Hulkamania, The Madness and The Stinger are going to take them out once and for all (Rating: 90)


Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage defeat Kamala & The Shark in 10:19 via DQ when The Taskmaster and Zodiac hit the ring and attack The Mega Powers. (Rating: 81)


After the match, The Dungeon continue the assault until Sting hits the ring to help level the playing the field. Still down 4-3, Lex Luger comes to ring and helps run The Dungeon off. Hogan & Savage stand across the ring from Sting & Luger, the crowd is hot for this (can’t tell if it is to see them come together as a team or if they want to see them fight). Sting talks to Hogan & Savage and tries to convince them that Luger can be the 4th man in War Games. The Mega Powers aren’t convinced and want Luger to prove himself, next Monday, against Meng. Luger accepts and shakes the hands of Hogan and Savage, but there is clearly some tension between them all. (Rating: 87)


Final Show Rating: 83

Increased popularity in 8 regions

TV Rating: 5.83 (3,792,810 viewers)

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Weekly recap (Week 1 September 1995)


My first full week was in the books. Nitro was a success, in every way measurable. However, the show didn’t go off without some last-minute changes. Johnny B. Badd was scheduled to face The Renegade and win the TV Title. He showed up 15 minutes before the show began and I had no choice but to replace him. DDP was put in the spot and maybe he can get hot with this win. I did notice that Dusty Rhodes was working with Page and was giving him tips on how to work as a babyface.


Here is what went down on WCW Saturday Night & WCW Main Event:


WCW Saturday Night

Week 1 September

i Wireless Center (Great Lakes)

Attendance: 1,856

TV Rating: 0.70 (457,390 viewers)

Show Rating: 84




Meng defeats Cobra in 5:58 via submission with Tongan Death Grip (Rating:56)

Scott Norton defeats Frankie Lancaster in 4:47 (Rating:48)

Sabu pins Bob Starr in 6:58 with an Arabian Facebuster(Rating:62!)

Dave Sullivan beats Van Hammer in 6:25 (Rating:39)

Hugh Morrus & The Shark destroy Scott Armstrong & Mark Starr (Rating:49)

Lord Steven Regal taps out Julio Sanchez in 7:23 (Rating:57)


Main Show


Video recap of Hogan vs Dungeon of Doom (Rating:89)

Arn/Pillman def American Males in 10:47 when AA hit Riggs with a DDT (Rating:71)

Arn & Pillman warn Sting to watch his back (Rating:70)

Dean Malenko pins Eddie Guerrero in 8:28 with a backslide (Rating:65)

Ric Flair promo on Sting, Hogan and Savage (Rating:92)

Gene interviews Harlem Heat backstage (Rating:65)

Johnny B. Badd def Earl Robert Eaton in 11:09 after Regal accidentally hits Eaton (Rating:72)

Dusty Rhodes interviews Badd after the match and he challenges Regal for GAB (Rating:71)

Backstage, Gene interviews the New TV Champion DDP & Diamond Doll (Rating:81)

Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater def Harlem Heat in 10:18 when Buck pinned Stevie Ray as Col. Parker pulls on Buck’s arms for leverage (Rating:61)

Randy Savage promo on Zodiac for their match (Rating:88)

Savage def Zodiac in 7:17 with the Elbow Drop (Rating:80)

Dungeon of Doom taped segment (Rating:82)

Sting promo on Wallstreet (Rating:92)

Sting def Wallstreet in 15:39 with a Scorpion Deathlock to retain the US Championship (Rating:79)


WCW Main Event


Recap of Nitro & Saturday Night (Rating:74)

The Nasty Boys def Rip Rogers & Terry Richards in 5:55 (Rating:60)

Nasty Boys cut a promo on Buck/Slater & Harlem Heat, they want the Tag Titles (Rating:67)

Big Bubba Rogers squashes Chuck Williams in 5:33 with a Bubba Slam (Rating:54)

Disco Inferno is attacked backstage by a monster (Rating:79)

Jim Duggan pins Hugh Morrus in 8:24 (Rating:63)

DDP taunts The Renegade about taking the TV Title (Rating:66)

DDP def The Renegade in 8:46 with a Diamond Cutter to retain the TV Title (Rating:64)

Announcers hype Mega Powers vs Bubba & Wallstreet on Nitro (Rating:77)



I wanted to bulk up the midcard, so I went out signed a few guys: Brian & Brad Armstrong, The Barbarian, Fit Finlay and Dawn Marie. I will have the Armstrongs team up to help provide depth in the tag ranks. The Barbarian is a fit in The Dungeon of Doom. Fit Finlay is a legit tough guy that will help the midcard. Dawn Marie was brought in to be a valet for Disco Inferno. We’ll see how that goes.


I have been a fan of lucha libre and the junior heavyweights in Japan for some time now. I want to bring a Cruiserweight Championship to WCW so that we can showcase a different, more exciting style to the fans. I am planning on running a 16-man tournament over the course of our 3 shows leading to the champion being crowned at Halloween Havoc. I have signed a few guys to see if they have long-term appeal: Rob Van Dam, Lance Storm, Chris Jericho, Psicosis, Rey Misterio Jr and Ultimo Dragon. The full bracket will be announced shortly. Here are some highlights of my thoughts for the week:

-I put Teddy Long with Sgt. Craig Pittman and they worked well together

-Mongo is not going to work on Color

-Flair & Sting still have undeniable chemistry

-Savage looks inspired and the chemistry between him and Hulk is better than it has ever been

-Speaking of Randy, he let me know that Rip Rogers doesn’t have a long term future (as if I didn’t know)

-Surprisingly, The Nasty Boys gave a great promo without being scripted and their timing in-ring was great

-Big Bubba Rogers looked great, I need to find a gimmick or angle for him

-Sabu worked a dark match with Bob Starr and looked spectacular. I need to get him on TV soon

-Arn & Pillman work as a team, which is nice since I have plans for them to run the tag division

-Sting & VK Wallstreet (gotta change that) work well in the ring together

-Zodiac & The Taskmaster play off each other well on camera

-Speaking of Zodiac, he was clearly high against Savage. I fined him, it helps that he’s friends with Hulk

-I have put offers out to Chris Benoit and The Steiner Brothers

-WWF has put out an offer for The Warrior. That’s a bold move

-Speaking to my outside contacts, they let me know that I should keep an eye on Bobby Duncam, Jr.



Here is the card for the 2nd edition of WCW Monday Nitro:

Lex Luger vs Meng

The Mega Powers vs Big Bubba Rogers & V.K. Wallstreet

Brian Pillman vs Jushin Thunder Liger


Someone is going to challenge DDP to a TV Title match on Saturday Night. Who will challenge DDP?

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-Speaking of Randy, he let me know that Rip Rogers doesn’t have a long term future (as if I didn’t know)




Lex Luger vs Meng

The Mega Powers vs Big Bubba Rogers & V.K. Wallstreet

Brian Pillman vs Jushin Thunder Liger


Someone is going to challenge DDP to a TV Title match on Saturday Night. Who will challenge DDP?

Johnny B. Badd

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<p>WCW Monday Nitro Week 2 September 1995</p><p> </p><p>

WCW Monday Nitro</p><p>

Monday Week 2 September</p><p>

Verizon Wireless Arena (NE)</p><p>

Attendance: 10,353</p><p>

TV Rating: 7.99 (5,194,090 viewers)</p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;">Pre-Show</span></p><p>

Brian Armstrong def Rip Rogers in 7:24 with a Swinging Neckbreaker (Rating: 39)</p><p>

Alex Wright def Fidel Sierra in 5:34 with a Bridging German Suplex (Rating: 46)</p><p>

Kanyon & Riggs def Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker & Lt. James Earl Wright in 7:48 (Rating: 40)</p><p>

The Blue Bloods def Frankie Lancaster & Tim Horner in 8:01 via Regal Stretch (Rating: 57)</p><p> </p><p>

<span style="text-decoration:underline;">Main Show</span></p><p> </p><p>

Monday Nitro begins with me in the ring where I unveil the Cruiserweight Championship. I let the audience know that this title will bring out the best lightweight competition across the globe. To help me introduce the championship, Sonny Onoo came out and let the audience know that he is bringing the Ultimo Dragon to WCW to become the first champion. I sell that news like it is a bombshell, but make sure to mention a few of WCW’s guys as well: Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Alex Wright, Marcus Bagwell and Sabu. I throw it to Tony and Bobby for our first match (Rating: 58)</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Brian Pillman def Jushin Thunder Liger in 9:47 with Air Pillman (Rating: 77)</strong></p><p> </p><p>

After the match Mean Gene is in the ring and Pillman is joined by Arn Anderson and Ric Flair. Flair gets on the mic: “Mean…woooooo…Gene, it feels great to be back in New England my man! WOOOO!” Gene: “Last week, we saw these two gentlemen help you steal a victory from Sting.” Flair: “Gene…what you saw was THIS (holds up 4 fingers), you saw THIS. THIS is the symbol of excellence in professional wrestling. Always has been. Always will. Wooooooooo. STINGER!!! You and I have walked that aisle, friends, enemies…but you have something that WE want. The Horsemen…AA! The Enforcer!! WOOOOO!!! Flyin Brian!!!! WOOOOO!!! Sting, we want that GOLD around your waist. The Horsemen are back, Jack, and we want all the gold. HOGAN!!! Don’t think I’ve forgot about you daddy….after we take out the Stinger, we’re coming for you! WOOOOOOOOO!” (Arn & Pillman hold up 4 fingers for the camera while Flair goes nuts in the background). Tony asks Bobby, “Aren’t there supposed to be four of them?” Heenan: “You just wait Schiavone, they’ve got a 4th. Never underestimate The Horsemen.” (Rating: 78)</p><p> </p><p>

We cut to the back for a taped interview with Sting & Lex Luger where they hype up Luger’s match with Meng and they hype up the War Games match where Luger says that he will prove exactly who he is (Rating: 80)</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Lex Luger def Meng in 7:44 via rollup after The Taskmaster and Meng collide (Rating: 78) </strong></p><p> </p><p>

Mean Gene is near the entrance ramp and is getting ready for an interview. Out comes Hacksaw Jim Duggan!! “HOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Mean Gene, something ain’t quite sitting right me. It makes me sick to see a scumbag like Diamond Dallas Page treat that lovely woman the way that he does. That’s not what I call a champion, HOOOOOOOO. So, I’m challenging Page to a match for that TV Title!” Gene: “Whoa, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, making a challenge to Diamond Dallas Page. Tony, looks like we might see a title match this Saturday Night. Back to you.” (Rating: 75)</p><p> </p><p>

Col. Robert Parker and Kurasawa are being interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Col. Parker does all the talking while Kurasawa looks tough. They have a good laugh as the replay of Hawk getting his arm injured is played on the screen. Col. Parker says that if Hawk has any guts, he’ll meet his man Kurasawa in the ring at Fall Brawl. (Rating: 62)</p><p> </p><p>

We are back from break and immediately the cameras go to the backstage area where we catch a 3-way brawl between The Nasty Boys, Harlem Heat and Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater. Officials eventually break up the brawl and separate the teams (Rating: 58)</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>The Mega Powers (Hogan & Savage) def Big Bubba Rogers & V.K. Wallstreet in 15:56 with a Hogan Legdrop (Rating: 79)</strong></p><p> </p><p>

After the match The Taskmaster, The Shark, Kamala, Meng & Zodiac hit the ring and attack The Mega Powers. Hogan and Savage put up a good fight but the numbers game is too much for them. Sting runs out from the back and slows them down a bit, but it’s still 5 on 3. Tony asks Bobby “Where is Luger!?! Why isn’t Luger coming out to help?” Bobby: “Well Tony, maybe Luger was right. Maybe we are seeing exactly who Luger is. Maybe this was all a set up to get Hogan weakened. The Dungeon of Doom is taking them out. Hulkamania, Macho Madness, whatever Sting has…they are all going to be dead at Fall Brawl. War Games will be the last time we see these so called ‘<em>Heros</em>’ again.” Tony: “Brain, I hate to agree with you, but things certainly don’t look good for Hulkamania.” (Rating: 88)</p><p> </p><p>

Show Rating: 81 (+Pop in 30 regions)</p>

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